Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum on the Rogue River

by Zachary Collier

Northwest Rafting Co. is excited to welcome renowned Bluegrass musicians Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum for an unforgettable trip down the Rogue River. What better way to relax after a day of whitewater adventure than to spend an evening listening to live music.

Laurie and Tom have been playing music together worldwide for over 25 years and were nominated for a Grammy for their collection of duets in 1995. They will bring their guitar, mandolin, and fiddle and encourage guests to bring their river instruments, as well. You can choose to sit back and listen to the tunes or join in on the jam.

Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum on the Rogue River

Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum on the Rogue River

As lovers of the outdoors, Laurie and Tom have spent many summers rafting down the Rogue. They love soaking in the remarkable flora and fauna of one of their favorite rivers and playing under a starlit sky in our riverside camps.

We will spend five days rafting down the wild and scenic Rogue River. NWRC guides will cook delicious meals and do a thorough clean-up, all while you relax under the setting sun. You are sure to enjoy all that this trip has to offer - exciting whitewater, stunning scenery, and beautiful live music.



Zachary Collier

Zach is the owner of Northwest Rafting Company and has led groups throughout the U.S. as well as Siberia, Bhutan, Nepal, Honduras, and Chile. His passion for wilderness shines through how he runs both his trips and his company. He's as confident on the oars as he is on the chess board, while he delivers a truly memorable experience in the most amazing places on the planet.

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