Rogue River Lodge Trip

by Janda Rhea

Join us for this trip that combines the rugged Rogue River with the lovely lodges found on its banks. The Rogue was federally protected from any future development in 1968, but the existing lodges were allowed to continue operating. Only a handful of them remain open today, making them rarer than the black bears, but on this 3 day trip you'll get to spend your nights on the river at these scenic hideaways.

Black Bar Lodge

Black Bar Lodge

The first night will be at Black Bar Lodge, in rustic, yet pleasant cabins complete with heat and hot water. Relax next to the roaring fire in the main lodge with a book or card game, before sharing a full family-style meal with the fellow guests. You'll head out on the river in the morning after a country style breakfast of ham, eggs, fruit, and golden brown, fluffy pancakes.

The Sundance Lodge on the Rogue River

The Sundance Lodge on the Rogue River

Rafting on to Paradise Lodge, you'll arrive in the afternoon to bask in the sunshine for horseshoes, volleyball, or frisbee golf. Relax in your peaceful room before rejoining the group for local wines, microbrews, and hors d'oeuvres before another scrumptious meal. Drift off to sleep sans TV or cell phones to interrupt your dreams. You'll head out again by raft in the morning and reach the take out shortly after lunch time.



Janda Rhea

Janda Rhea has been an integral part of Northwest Rafting Company since our inception in 2009. She manages our office operations and stays busy preparing our guests for their trips. She loves to get away from her desk and out on the river because "being in the wilderness reminds me what actually matters in life."

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