Thank you for a wonderful 2012 season on the Rogue River!

by Zachary Collier

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in our 2012 Rogue River season. We love what we do and we get to do it because you choose to come down the river with us!

From start to finish, we ran the highest quality trips imaginable. Thank you to J.R., Chrissy, Ryan, Riley, Lexey, Nate, Lori, Michael, Treesh, and our entire staff for their commitment to excellence and hard work that make our trips "industry leading."

Northwest Rafting Company and Sundance Kayak School river guides

Northwest Rafting Company and Sundance Kayak School river guides

Here are some of the wonderful comments we've received this summer:

"Our trip was truly outstanding. I can't wait to go on other adventures with NWRC!"

"The NWRC guides were the best! You know it's good when each day is better than the day before and you can't imagine how it could be any better. Great food, good organization and incredible enthusiasm made this the best trip ever!"

"The guides far exceeded our expectations. It was like having ultra-competent and professional experts that we also you're buddies. Not sure you you could improve on them. This was my first trip and my only concern is I don't see how I'll be able to top it. Tough to imagine a cooler guide than JR."

"I defy the planet to produce a better raft trip."

"Best Guides ever!!!! They were super fun, but when anyone fell out they were totally professional and made everyone feel super comfortable. They also very knowledgeable about the river."

"The guides were charming and professional. Really an asset to the trip!"

"They went above and beyond in so many ways it is difficult to encapsulate in words. Entertaining, friendly, highly competent on the river. They took great care of us all along the way."

"Absolutely amazing trip with amazing guides, amazing beer, and an amazing river! Words cannot describe how great the trip was! If I can fit it in, I'd love to do it again next year!"

"They were AWESOME. SO fun. SO knowledgeable. Great food. Great company."

"They were, not only, very professional, but lots of fun."

"JR was an excellent lead guide and instructor. Janda was great to work with, very friendly and helpful."

"They are all knowledgeable about the river, animals, plants, trails and hikes. The are down to earth yet professional, they feel like your friends right away! Epic Trip...And sicko cliff jumps..."

"Super awesome guides with the knowledge to ensure everyone had the time of there lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"The guides were all great. I especially appreciated JR because he had knowledge of the river and history."

"They worked very well together and treated each other with great respect. They appeared to be good friends as well. Pretty much always had a smile on their face and bent over backwards to do whatever it took to make a great trip. Thanks!"

"The river guides like what they do. Were excellent at tailoring the trip to fit our group so that everyone had a good time. Thanks, Bill and Margaret Mulder"

"JR and the gang helped us to pull off a great trip for our first time down the Rogue for our kayak school. I can't wait to set up a trip for next year. Nathan Nahikian, Potomac River Outfitters."

"I know the guides work extremely hard to make the river experience memorable. They clearly worked as a team and made every attempt to make every one in our group feel at home on the river. Very accomodating."

"Would definitely go on another Northwest trip. One of the best outfitters I have gone with and this was probably the most fun I have ever had on a river trip and I don't think I could have "

"This is a fantastic way to get aquainted with the beautiful surrondings that the Rogue River has to offer while having some serious fun with those who know the river best!"



Zachary Collier

Zach is the owner of Northwest Rafting Company and has led groups throughout the U.S. as well as Siberia, Bhutan, Nepal, Honduras, and Chile. His passion for wilderness shines through how he runs both his trips and his company. He's as confident on the oars as he is on the chess board, while he delivers a truly memorable experience in the most amazing places on the planet.

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