Rafting in Siberia Movie - A Glorious Way to Die

by Zachary Collier

We're working on a trip to the Kaa-Khem river in Siberia next summer with NWRC guide Vladimir Gavrilov. While researching the trip we found this classic 1994 documentary about Siberian river explorers pushing their limits.

This should give out a sense of the type of adventure and wilderness that can be found in Siberia. Don't worry, the trip we're planning will be on a much easier river with more modern equipment. Our trip leader Vladimir Gavrilov lead expeditions all over Siberia in the 1980s and even wrote a book title Rivers of an Unknown Land about the rivers of the former Soviet Union.

Russian Catamaran on Siberia's Kaa-Khem River

Russian Catamaran on Siberia's Kaa-Khem River

Updated 9/23/2013 Read the trip report from our trip to the Kaa-Khem River.

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Zachary Collier

As owner of Northwest Rafting Company, Zach Collier combines international guiding experience in places like Siberia, Bhutan, and Chile with a natural business acumen for systems and logistics. Whether he’s on big water or in the back office, Zach strives to ensure NWRC offers exceptional whitewater and wilderness experiences for guests and guides alike.

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