The Wild and Scenic Rogue River Awaits...

A Rogue River rafting trip is an incredible journey you won't soon forget. Designated as one of the original eight Wild and Scenic Rivers by Congress in 1968, The Rogue River winds through a spectacular river canyon full of wildlife, lush forest, and stunning scenery. This is a classic river expedition suitable for both first-timers and families.

"It is hereby declared to be the policy of the United States that certain selected rivers of the Nation which...possess outstandingly remarkable scenic, recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife, historic, cultural values...shall be protected for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations." Wild and Scenic Rivers Act 1968

Located in Southern Oregon, the Rogue River is within driving distance from Northern California and the Pacific Northwest and can also be reached by airports in Portland, Medford, or Redding, CA. Many traveling to the area combine a their trip with other Southern Oregon highlights such as Crater Lake National Park, Oregon Caves National Monument or the scenic Oregon coastline.

Due to dams upstream, the flow is regulated allowing for reliable river flows all summer long. Many veteran boaters return Rogue River rafting trips year after year and families often make it a routine vacation spot. First-timers appreciate the calm pools following rapids and the warm water is perfect for afternoon swims and inflatable kayaking.

Rogue River rafting

Rafting on Southern Oregon's Rogue River

Trip Highlights

As the river makes it's way to the Pacific Ocean, you'll encounter amazing views, heavily forested landscape, and lots of wildlife. Graceful Great Blue Herons preen midstream while eagles and osprey soar overhead. Named for Native Americans that didn't go quietly when settlers descended into the valley, the Rogue River's rich history encompasses the pioneers and gold miners. Famed Western novelist Zane Grey's cabin still stands along the river and Clark Gable loved to visit the rugged Rogue River.

A Rogue River rafting trip includes so much more than rapids. You'll experience the glory of the outdoors, see the stars sparkle above your camp, eat wonderful meals prepared by the guides, swim the warm pools, and perhaps best of all, share a one of a kind experience with your loved ones that won't be soon forgotten.

We operate under Special Use Permits granted by the U.S. Forest Service, Siskiyou National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management, Medford District. We are an equal opportunity recreation service provider. All trips operate on a non-discriminatory basis.