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Cancellation Policy

Our multi-day trips operate under strict federal permits that limit our number of trips each season and the number of guests per trip. As a small business, cancellations require extra work on behalf of our staff and can hurt us financially.

For that reason, our cancellation policy is firm. Our policy states that:

Transferring Dates

When you pay your trip deposit, you are solidifying your intention of joining us on the specific set of dates you reserved. We cannot transfer reservations from one trip to another. Please confirm trip dates with members of your party before booking. Once a security deposit is processed, it cannot be applied to another date.

Transfers on multi-day trips that are requested after full payment is due will be treated as cancellations and the full payment will be incurred.

Wait Lists

Trip waitlists give others the opportunity to join river trips in the case of a cancellation. The purpose of the waitlist is not to help current guests who cancel their trip receive a refund. Our policy is strict and states that all payments made are non-refundable.

Should you or any member of your party cancel, it is the reservation holder’s responsibility to either fill that spot or pay the applicable cancellation fees. If you forfeit the spot and someone on our waitlist accepts the spot, you will not receive a refund.

Cancellations on Private Charters

Our cancellation policy remains the same for private charters. A non-refundable security deposit will be required to hold the private charter dates. All final, non-refundable payments are due 60 days prior to a trip departure date.

Should any member of a private party cancel, it will be the responsibility of the reservation holder to find a replacement for cancelled spots. It will also be the responsibility of the reservation holder to pay for any seats reserved but not filled. We will not offer refunds in this case.

Guest Swaps within a Reservation

If a member of your party can no longer join your trip, you may replace your guest with another so long as they meet our age limits and, especially in the case of rowing schools, fit the appropriate trip requirements.

Please notify NWRC staff of any guests changes as soon as possible. We will need to collect information from the replacement guest—such as trip waivers and registration information—and relay that information to our guides before departure.

Please keep in mind that our guides plan and pack for trips several days in advance of a trip departure date. If we receive notice of a last minute—within 4 days of a trip departure—guest swap, we may not be able to accommodate certain details such as dietary restrictions, gear requests, or boat preferences. Guides will do their very best to accommodate where possible, but we cannot guarantee this. The sooner we know about a guest swap, the more likely accommodations can be met if needed.