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Swiftwater Rescue Training

Whitewater Rescue Technician Advanced

This advanced swiftwater rescue class is designed for whitewater professionals with previous swiftwater rescue training and experience. The course will include:

  • Rescue planning and incident management
  • Technical rescue equipment
  • Advanced water rescue techniques
  • Rope-based raising and lowering systems
  • Initial search operations and management
  • Night rescue operations
  • Casualty care and packaging
  • Low angle casualty evacuation
Advanced Rescue Training for River Rafters
Advanced Rescue Training for River Rafters

This advanced swiftwater rescue course is taught by Mark Hirst, an international rafting and safety instructor. He teaches courses for both Rescue 3 Europe and the International Rafting Federation. Mark is originally from Manchester, England and currently teaches courses in Bosnia, Russia, Nepal, India, and Morocco. Learn more about Mark’s philosophy on his Lapin Koskikoulu Blog.