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Class III Rowing School

Learn from Professionals in Our

Class III Rowing School

  • Length: 5 days
  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Location: Rogue River, Oregon
  • Trip Price: $1695
  • Additional Cost: $200 for boat rental
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Communication and Support

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The crew at NWRC made the learning experience easy and fun. Being new to rowing, the trip seemed daunting and scary, but with their communication and support I felt cared for and safe to try something new.

Gain experience maneuvering oar rafts and catarafts on the Rogue River, where the class II and III rapids are ideal for beginner and intermediate boaters. This course offers supervised practice and safety training will offer you further tips and techniques you’ll need to read water and row oar boats. Participants should have some basic rowing experience or, if you’re totally new to the sport, be physically and mentally able enough to learn the skills quickly. Under the watchful eyes of professionally trained river guides, you’ll learn-by-doing in a fun and supportive environment.

Class III Rowing School on the Rogue River
Each student rows a raft or cataraft in our Class III Rowing School

This is a hands-on whitewater rowing course where you’ll be gaining experience by rowing your own raft or cataraft. Every night we’ll camp along the river and have optional classes while dinner is being prepared.

Course Objectives

The main objective is to give students the opportunity to gain rowing experience under the watchful eye of our instructors. Other objectives include:

  • Improve individual rowing skills
  • Practice proper boat spacing and boat order
  • Familiarity with a variety of equipment
  • Understanding of river and camp etiquette
  • Learn important knots and proper use of throw bags
  • Obtain a foundation of whitewater safety practice

After this course students should have the confidence and skills to scout and row Class III rapids and be able to make an informed decision about what feels comfortable and works best for their rowing goals.

Typical Itinerary

Every rowing school is a little different, but we try to follow the schedule below:

Day 1: Equipment preparation and rowing mechanics
Day 2: Boat maneuvering, scouting, and rope work
Day 3: Introduction to pushing and rescue techniques

Day 4: Safely negotiate Mule Creek Canyon and lower Blossom Bar. We do not allow students to row the top half of Blossom Bar Rapid

Day 5: Independent rowing and flip practice

Raft Flip Practice
Raft Flip Practice

Our rowing school is designed for those who want to improve their rowing skills on a multi-day rafting trip down the beautiful and famous Rogue River. Each participant will have the opportunity to learn from both group and one-on-one lessons. We’ll have a basic outlined agenda to follow, but the small class setting is perfect for adapting the course to individual needs.

Trip Highlights

  • Learning how to row a raft or cataraft
  • Camping along the Rogue River
  • Trying out a variety of equipment
  • Practice flipping a raft
  • Hands on river safety training

Quick Facts

  • One of the original 8 designated Wild and Scenic Rivers in 1968
  • The Rogue Starts at Boundary Springs near the north edge of Crater Lake National Park
  • Flows southwest through the Cascade Mountains, and on through the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest to the Pacific Ocean
  • Quick 2-hour drive to Crater Lake National Park
  • Salmon return from the ocean and have just over 215 miles of uninterrupted water for spawning

Trip Reviews

ClassIII Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 29 reviews.
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5 5 5

Communication and Support

5 5 1
The crew at NWRC made the learning experience easy and fun. Being new to rowing, the trip seemed daunting and scary, but with their communication and support I felt cared for and safe to try something new.
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Such a Gift

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The energy and stoke of the guides was amazing. The 5 days I spent learning on the Rogue was such a gift. I made new friends, learned some amazing new skills, and got to finally see a part of the rogue I've wanted to see for a long time. I'll be saving my pennies to book another trip soon.
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Phenomenal Class, Phenomenal River

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My husband and I joined this class after 3 years of trying to teach ourselves to raft with advice from friends. This class was a revelation. Excellent instruction with immediate application in the gorgeous wilds of the Wild & Scenic Rogue River. We rented boats, and I had a lovely 13 ft Sotar (Freightrain) for 5 days. My husband had a small cataraft. On the river, we broke into learning pods of 3-4 students that allowed personal instruction with rotating instructors. Rafting, I felt challenged, but also safe in the hands of Dustin, Courtney, Emily, Asa & Amanda. I was worried about camping for 4 nights (I am a cautious car camper that typically drags a cot on camping trips) and was amazed at the comfort. I fell asleep each night on an air mattress gazing at the stars. The FOOD. The food was delicious. No need to drag snacks, all food is gourmet. I would 100% recommend this to any interested person.
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Really Impressive Group of People

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I am in awe of the work and attitude that the instructors brought to everything that they did - lectures, logistics, food and instruction on the water. They are a really impressive group of people that created a collegial, supportive environment. They inspired confidence and reflected calm in challenging situations. Review Category: ClassIII

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