A Hidden Adventure Awaits

Join us this Spring for an Owyhee River rafting trip. Hidden in Southeastern Oregon, this high desert river is as special as it is remote. With columnar basalt formation created by the same geologic hot spot that currently lies beneath Yellowstone National Park, the Owyhee River canyon is a must-see. And while at first glance the landscape might look barren, the Owyhee is actually home to an incredibly diverse and exciting environment.

Stunning Scenery. Rich History.

This trip is sure to excite all of your senses - from seeing the bright sunflower-like Arrowleaf Balsamroot to the aromatic scent of sage in the wind after a light rain to soaking in steaming hot springs while watching a dramatic sunset. Evidence of native tribes, the Shoshone and Bannock tribes, resides on the canyon walls in pictographs. Many of the best campsites are in huge caves, where guests can watch the river from under immense rock canopies.

The Fauna

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled high for eagles' nests as Golden Eagles and other birds of prey are abundant in this river canyon. On an Owyhee river rafting trip Western Tanagers, magpies, and swallows will also be seen swooping overhead and there's even the chance to spot river otters, pronghorn antelope, or bighorn sheep.

Owyhee River Rafting

Because of its short and irregular season, the Owyhee is on many seasoned boaters' "bucket list." The moderate snowpack often melts in a sudden burst, leaving it either too high or low during the majority of the year.

Owyhee River Rafting

Owyhee River Rafting

Generally the first half of May is a perfect time to experience the Owyhee and is suitable for boaters of all ages and skill-levels. We will be running the lower part of the Owyhee, 48 miles of Class III rapids from the town of Rome to Birch Creek.