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Owyhee Reviews

First Guided Trip

This was my first guided river rafting trip and I couldn't even imagine going with a different company. Everyone was so incredibly knowledgeable and great to be around. If I could book this exact trip with these guides and this group of people again for next year, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
- Zach Walker

Truly Exceptional

Truly exceptional guide team who clearly put the safety of all participants and the environment first. And with no shortage of fun and laughter mixed in. Thank you all!
- Gayle Goschie

Worth the Wait

I’ve wanted to do this trip for years. It was more than worth the wait. Spectacular river and an amazing team. Who knew you could cook lasagna and pineapple upside down cake in a campsite?!?
- Lauren Norris

Amazing Guides

Your 5 guides on the Owyhee trip are AMAZING! I use to guide a bit, and they are truly wonderful.
- Maxine Dunkelman

I recommend Northwest Rafting Company

The food was incredibly good and healthy. The guides were very personable and fun to hang out with. The hiking opportunities added a wonderful dimension to the Owyhee River trip. I would whole heartedly recommend Northwest Rafting Company to anyone looking for a river adventure. Emily, Brodie, Ellie, Eric, and Natalie worked tirelessly as a team to make us all feel very special. They are the best.
- Greg Zurbrugg

Great First Rafting Trip with NWRC!

We read about this trip in a backpacker magazine article. This was our first river rafting trip. The staff at Northwest River rafting company made sure we were prepared and informed. The food was more than incredible. Cannot wait to raft another river with them! The guides were so professional, competent, helpful, and real. They were so much more than I could’ve asked for. Loved and appreciated them!
- Jane Zoul

Expectations surpassed!

An amazing outfit with competent, professional, certified, friendly guides that provided delicious, varied and creative meals; knowledgable information about flora and the geology; that engage warmly with their guests. Emily (head guide) is a superb “servant leader”. Our expectations were surpassed on every level.
- Emil G.

Our high expectations were exceeded!

We saw the clip on OPB Oregon Field Guide a couple/few years ago on rafting the Owyhee and decided on the spot we had to go. We identified the NW Rafting Co. name on the rafts, and contacted you. The trip exceeded our expectations, which were high. Your staff, guides, and attention to detail were phenomenal. I would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat. And did I mention we were blown away by the quality of the meals prepared and served by the guides? You are the best!
- Mary Jo

Lower Owyhee - so fine!

I just got off a 5-day Lower Owyhee raft trip w/ NRC. The scenery was fantastic, the guides were skilled and attentive and good cooks too! Great whitewater, great rocks and birding, wonderful dark dark skies at night! If you go, you will see that words are not enough.
- Craig Watts

Owyhee Canyonlands: Pure Wilderness

This is a wild trip. Not only does the river's swift water challenge the most experienced paddler, the canyonlands overwhelm one's senses with their color, sheer size, and deep geologic history. As you float the cold water, you are transported into Oregon's purest wilderness. Each night is spent under the darkest night skies in the Lower 48 States which afford the tired paddler the rare opportunity to unplug from society and tune into the sacred Owyhee channel.
- Adam Baylor

Could not have picked better company

Despite knowing one of the guides prior to the trip, and having my high expectations exceeded in every respect while on the trip, I want to credit the guides (ALL of them) for making a really challenging weather system relatively inconsequential. Despite heavy rain and wind, snow, and extremely high and fast water, the guides all handled the challenge with grace and good humor. They went above and beyond to ensure the less hardy guests were comfortable as possible, and could experience the incredible trip fully. On the fly adaptations/decisions about camp spots and trip timing were thoughtfully made, and the group dynamic blossomed as if it were all t-shirt days on the river. Every guide shared what they love about the experience of rafting/paddling whether on the river or in camp--and I felt as if I could not have picked better company.
- Clint Harris

best kept secret

Owyhee Canyonlands is the best kept secret in Oregon. I was amazed at astonishing beauty of high desert canyons and stunning landscapes. The NWRC crew knows how to make the experience extra special with their knowledge, skill and attention to detail. Great campsites and a fun group of folks, let’s do it again!
- Mark Singleton