International Rafting Federation LogoWe are offering an International Rafting Federation (IRF) workshop for river guides, trip leaders, and instructors facilitated by Mark Hirst of Lapin Koskikoulu. This course is intended for experienced river guides and whitewater professionals looking to increase their education. IRF certifications can be used for guiding, trip leading, and instructing whitewater around the world.

Raft Guide and Safety Craft Workshop

The first three days of the workshop assesses the fundamentals of commercial river guiding and/or safety boating. When appropriate, assessments are completed on the level of whitewater corresponding to the level of the guide. While on the course, experienced river guides are assessed on a variety of tasks including:

To receive an IRF Guide Certification you must first submit a logbook, first aid, and CPR certification. During the workshop you will need to pass a guide assessment which includes a written exam.

Paddle boat skills are tested during an IRF workshop

Paddle boat skills are tested during an IRF workshop

Safety craft candidates will also be tested on the appropriate level of whitewater in their craft of choice (kayak or cataraft). They must demonstrate a safety craft talk, swimmer rescue, and strong boating ability.

Trip Leader Workshop

The fourth and fifth day are spent evaluating trip leader candidates with on-river scenarios designed to test their decision-making, communication skills, delegation ability, and performance during a rescue. They seek to be as realistic as possible, again corresponding to the level of the guide being assessed.

"The IRF Trip Leader class not only gave me an important certification for future guiding, it also allowed me to learn from other great guides, scenario-based situations, and improve my own skills in the process"- Ellie "Ldub" Friedmann

An IRF Trip Leader also needs to have valid advanced first aid certificate that includes CPR. Upon successfully passing the qualification, the IRF issues an IRF Trip Leader Certification.

Raft and Safety Craft Instructor Workshop

This additional workshop is offered two days after the course and costs an additional $300. It is offered for whitewater professionals interested in being an International Rafting Federation raft or safety craft instructor. Upon successfully passing the workshop, the IRF issues a provisional license. A candidate must run at least one more course supervised by an IRF assessor before being a fully certified instructor.

Trip Leader Assessment on the White Salmon River

Trip Leader Assessment on the White Salmon River

The IRF instructor candidate must be present for the entire seven days of the course. They must demonstrate that they can design, teach, and correctly evaluate others on their whitewater skills. Candidates must also have a valid advanced first aid certificate (such as a WFR or EMT), including CPR.

About Mark Hirst

Mark is an international rafting and safety instructor who teaches courses for Rescue 3 Europe and the International Rafting Federation. He is originally from Manchester, England and is now based in Finland. He currently teaches river guide and safety courses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Nepal, India, and Morocco. Learn more about Mark's philosophy on this Lapin Koskikoulu Blog.