Hire one of our private instructors for guidance and instruction in the world of whitewater rafting. We can customize a course to teach you to row or paddle whitewater rafts and kayaks. We can also provide customized one-on-one swift water rescue instruction.

"I highly recommend this training for anyone who desires to learn running whitewater with an emphasis on whitewater safety." - Ed Marlatt

This is a great way to avoid developing bad habits and to practice under the supervision of a safe and competent instructor. You will also have the opportunity to try out different boat and oar configurations to help you make a good decision when you purchase a raft or cataraft.

We have course itineraries and experienced instructors available to instruct the following topics:

Example Two Day Private Instruction Itinerary

Day 1 Morning: Start on flat water to warm up and discuss equipment. We'll work on rowing technique and practice flipping boats in calm place.

Day 1 Afternoon: Get on the river. We typically focus on oar management and communication during this first afternoon. We'll also take some video and discuss it at the end of the day.

Day 2: This is a full day of practice on the river. We'll typically work on eddy hopping, boat spacing, and communication in addition to oar management. We also stop along the way to do some practical swift water rescue training.

"I have been rowing a drift boat for several years but wanted some formal class III and IV whitewater raft training. The focus on whitewater safety alone is worth taking the class. My confidence in reading the water increased greatly." - Ron South

Our instructors are both river guides and private boaters who have experience in many situations and many types of boats. You are welcome to bring your own raft/cataraft or you can rent them from us at a discounted rate.