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Private Lesson Reviews

Incredibly Patient and Fun Teachers

My time with you and Michael definitely exceeded my expectations. You guys are phenomenal educators and were so skilled at imparting your knowledge to me. I can’t believe all that I was able to learn and apply in just three days. I appreciated both of your time and energy more than I can say; I left feeling really encouraged and inspired. You are both incredibly patient and fun teachers. I hope to be a repeat customer if you have the space!
- Jessica Stern

Summer Instruction

The 2-days last August of NWRC private rowing instruction with a couple of your guides was a great experience for both my son and daughter. Your guides said that they both basically “nailed it”. Great that they are off to a good safe start.
- Pat S.

A Huge Thank You

I wanted to thank you for the first class instruction this past weekend. I could spend an hour raving about how meaningful this class was, but I'll try to list some quick notes. 1. NWRC is relentless with their safety protocol, in the very best way! As a new boat owner, this is exactly what I needed to hear, see, and practice--it's truly the primary tenet of the business very much appreciated. 2. This course is invaluable for tuning/calibrating a boat and getting to know the gear. New boat owners should be required to take this class. Attempting to heave a wet throwbag for the first time is humbling. If someone's life depended on me for a perfect toss the first time out. I'd be feeling pretty guilty right now. 3. NWRC provided us with a comprehensive scope of training aided with visual aids, structured curriculum, and safe feedback periods which really locked in the "why" behind safe boating. The white-boarding sessions were equally as important as the time spent on the water. 4. Nick and Zach's expertise, quiet calmness, and remarkable patience was a true game changer for us when we felt stressed or challenged on new water scenarios. Having that stability in your instructors, especially when you're navigating outside your comfort zone, really allowed us to grow. Sincerely, a huge thank you to you both.
- Sean and Ellie

2 Day Instruction

I just got home from a 2 day private instruction with Daniel. I can't say enough about what I learned about rowing and river safety. I've always been a 'stubborn' learner which has held me back in some things but Daniel has an easy way about him that is so refreshing. Zero arrogance and just a really great guy and instructor. If the other guides are as talented and professional as Daniel, you have a great group of people. I would highly recommend private instruction for anyone. Easily exceeded my expectations.
- Jim Krigger

Thank You NWRC team

I went in with goals and no expectations. NWRC helped me achieve those goals. Michael is exactly the type of instructor I needed.
- Tom Sprague

Exceptional 2-day Private Class

I've spent a lot of time boating on flat water, and being a paddler in whitewater rafts with several crew, but never "driven" my own boat. To prep for an upcoming trip to Alaska I wanted to get professional training and experience to build my skills and confidence. Mike made sure my goals were exceeded! His clear instructions and easy demeanor made it easy to learn and retain what I need to know about boat rigging, river navigation, rescue, and repair. Each day of the trip Mike evaluated where I was and pushed me just beyond my comfort zone to let me see that I indeed could handle it. If you want white water lessons, come to Northwest Rafting.
- Roger Wood

Awesome Instructors

I have been rafting for a few years now, but felt like I had reached a plateau with my skills and confidence on the river. I decided to take a couple days of private rowing instruction with NWRC to gain the skills I needed to get on more rivers and out of my comfort zone. The goal I set was to “be confident on class III.” Zach and Brodie seemed to curate the training around that one requirement, and it worked. Getting to focus on pushing my comfort zone in a safe environment while working on safety and practical river skills was a much needed experience for me. These guys were a blast to spend two days with AND I walked away feeling more confident on class III.
- Audrey

Exceptional Instruction

I did two days private instruction with Zach in prep for an upcoming private Grand Canyon trip. Zach is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to really assess prior skills and cater what we did around that. The instruction was extremely thoughtful and thorough. It was a packed two days and far exceeded my expectations. Zach creates a great feedback loop with the course allowing to quickly build upon newly acquired skills - including taking and reviewing drone footage he took, giving a great picture of how you look in the water. I would recommend instruction with NWRC to anyone looking to build out their skill set and take their boating proficiency to the next level.
- Alex Johnson

Exceeded my expections!

This instruction exceeded my expectations. My goal was to learn a few new skills and boost my confidence when approaching more technical water while fishing, specifically in a drift boat. I was initially apprehensive whether the class was appropriate for me and my goals, but the support I received in answering questions and preparation for the trip impressed me and convinced me this would be the right class for me. The progression of our 3-day class was perfect. Each day was new and challenging. Zach and Michael made sure we learned the appropriate skills before moving on to more technical whitewater, and always had our safety as the first priority. Looking back, the difference in my rowing skill and confidence from day 1 to day 3 is almost incomparable. By day 3 I was able to navigate whitewater I never thought I would be able to or would even consider attempting. I have a renewed confidence and a great base set of skills to help progress my rowing.
- Paul Schmierer

Three Days of Private Instruction

I just got back from three days of private whitewater rafting instruction with Zach and Michael and I wholeheartedly recommend them! I was very specific in my intentions for the class - whitewater rafting with a focus on applications for drift boat rowing - and they tailored the course perfectly for me and my friends. Having years of rowing experience without any previous formal instruction, the course was incredibly educational. We covered elementary concepts that I had been applying unconsciously, but now I understand the 'what' and 'why' much more. The progression from day to day was perfect - we were challenged every day and each day built on the previous. As a lifelong fly fisherman but novice whitewater enthusiast, I feel like I've gained a new passion and Zach and Michael have set me on the right path to safe rowing. Thanks guys!
- Jesse

Amazing Experience!

NWRC is the best! I've been down the Rogue with them as part of the class III rowing school, and recently completed two days of private instruction. (I was unable to attend their recent class IV rowing school, but can only imagine it’s as phenomenal as the rest of their instruction.) Top notch instruction, plenty of different boats/gear to try on the river, and the guides are amazing. Whether you’re new to rafting, or have some experience, I highly recommend NWRC’s classes. Following Zach down the Hood River and attempting to follow his lines was an amazing experience and I’m floored at the new skills I was able to develop in two days. A special thanks to Zach, Chrissy, Nate, Jeni, and Lexie. Book your trip with NWRC today!
- Justin Gray