BinocularsThe Rogue River never ever disappoints. Winding through a spectacular canyon full of wildlife, lush forest, and stunning scenery, a Rogue River rafting trip is an incredible journey for first-timers as well as repeat river runners. Dam-regulated makes its flows predictable while Wild and Scenic means it predictably awesome.

The Rogue River’s reliable flow throughout the summer brings back many veteran boaters year after year. Families often make it a routine vacation spot, returning to share their special places and favorite river traditions with younger generations. No matter how many times you have seen it, everyone enjoys the Rogue's perfect pace of fun rapids and calm pools suitable for afternoon swims or inflatable kayaking.

Against the backdrop of the dramatic Siskiyou Mountain Range, the Rogue River winds away from civilization. The lower portion of its 215-mile course from the flanks of Mount Mazama to its mouth at Gold Beach on the Pacific Ocean.

Osprey | Rogue RiverFrom the rafts, sharp eyes are often rewarded with sightings of Osprey, Bald Eagles, and Great Blue Herons soaring overhead or the occasional river otter poking its head above the water's surface. Along the shoreline, the rugged landscape itself is mesmerizing as the terrain alternates between lush hillsides and rocky gorges, including the iconic Mule Creek Canyon midway through the trip.

Located in Southwestern Oregon, the Rogue is within driving distance of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest and it can also be reached from airports in Portland and Medford, Oregon as well as Redding and San Francisco, California. Many traveling to the area combine their trip with visits to nearby Crater Lake National Park, Oregon Caves National Monument, California’s Redwood National and State Parks, or the scenic Oregon coastline.

Rogue River Rafting Trip Rhythm

The excitement on our Rogue River rafting trip builds up each day with day 3 having the most difficult rapids. Day 4 is a generally mellow float to take out.

Off the Rafts

ChairA Rogue River rafting trip includes a lot more than just time on the water. In camp, the guides prepare healthy meals and lead adventurous hikes to historic sites and scenic viewpoints.

Under the afternoon sun, there are plenty of great swimming holes to cool off in and relax after a day on the move — that is, if you’re not too busy learning a new river game. Anyone still awake after the sun goes down can spend the rest of their evening locating constellations and spotting shooting stars.

Flora & Fauna

BearBears, Osprey, Bald Eagles, Mergansers, Rattle Snakes, Great Blue Herons, river otters, sturgeon, salmon, deer. Ponderosa Pines, Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, Madrone, Manzanita, Alder, Willoes and many wildflower. Lots of Bald Eagles and Osprey and of course Bear. Bear encounters here are especially cool because they rarely see people so they are truly curious.

We operate under Special Use Permits granted by the U.S. Forest Service, Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management, Medford District. We are an equal opportunity recreation service provider. All trips operate on a non-discriminatory basis.

Rogue River rafting below Stair Creek