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Rogue River Reviews

Off The Charts Awesome.

The Rogue River rafting trip is off the charts awesome and the NW Rafting Co the perfect Outfitter for the journey. From the littlest detail to the whole of the experience, everything was perfect - even magical at times - and deeply profound, inspiring, and life changing. Our family is forever grateful.
- Jason Morris

Strong work!

Amazing experience through and through. From the moment we put in, until take-out, the river fam was exceptional. This will be a trip talked about for years, and never forgotten.
- Garrett Jones

Loved Austin, Esa, Tate, & Story

Northwest has thee experience absolutely dialed in. Fantastic crew: professional, warm, engaging, & kept everyone safe.
- Chael Banks

Northwest guides are the best

The competence of your guides--on the river, in the kitchen, one-on-one with guests--is what make Northwest the company I chose for my family reunion on the Rogue. It was the trip of a lifetime for everyone from 7 to 70.
- BJ Shannon

Wonderful Experience for our Family

Thank you for creating such a wonderful experience for our family. We enjoyed every moment from waking up to beautiful scenery and hot coffee, silly camp games, rock jumping and other fun side adventures, the amazing meals, and of course the wonderful time on the river. The guides were so fun-loving yet completely professional, and demonstrated incredible competence and calm decision making while navigating the river. Thank you!
- Heather Stokes


The guides were 100% stupendous the whole trip. I feel like we lucked out big time with such a knowledgeable, fun loving, strong, kind, group of guides. We could not have asked for a more exceptional group of people to bring us down the river. We all especially appreciated how well they all worked together - in a way that appeared effortless despite the herculean task to bring 20 people safely down river all while feeding us, schlepping gear, treating us to cool day trips and side adventures, etc. This was so much more than a river trip. This was a trip our family will never forget. Thank you!
- Matt Stromberg

Best Family Reunion Trip

The best family reunion trip we could imagine. Everyone from 7 to 73 had a fantastic adventure. Just amazing to turn off the phones and connect over whitewater adventures and bald eagle sightings and epic splash battles! The food was amazing even for the pickiest of eaters (steak and mashed potatoes! bananas foster en flambe!) The guides are amazing at supporting new campers and boaters and making the river accessible to those with different physical challenges. The memories of cousin sleepovers under the stars are forever, and we all can't wait to come back!
- Colleen Shannon

Will go back in a heartbeat!!

As a relatively inexperienced rafter, I was amazed at the level of professionalism displayed by the staff of NWRC! We had a mix of VERY experienced kayakers and a small group of newbies, but the team of Daniel, Claire, Joshua B, Austin, and Michael we're second to none, with respect to Safety, supply, and total devotion to making sure the EVERYONE had the time of their lives!
- Bob Miller

We had the time of our lives

It felt like a perfect trip. The other guests felt like friends, the guides were absolutely fantastic, and the Rogue River was breath-taking. I came from Spain to this trip and it was worth it!
- Maria E.


The team of guides made this trip so much fun. They were especially phenomenal with our kids. The guides kept them active and always laughing. The kids did everything an adult could do on the trip and more. They did adventure swims and rock jumps, paddled duckies and learned to row the paddle boats. We all want to come back and do another trip with NWRC!
- Jennifer Porembski

Coming Back Next Summer

We just finished the Rogue trip with three other of our friends families. Asa was our lead guide, feels like we scored the jackpot! I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful experience. Your guides were all top notch and very professional. I appreciated how safe they made me feel having all the kids on the trip. Asa was so good with the kids and dealing with us parents too. He has so much patience with all those kids in duckies and was constantly making sure everyone was safe. He made us all feel welcome and truly able to enjoy our time on the river. He has a great attitude. I also appreciated how well all the guides worked together as a team. It was a nice balance of all the different personalities. I also appreciated that there were female guides as well. Cool for our daughters to see. Brad, Story, Emily, Tate and Asa all worked super hard throughout the entire trip even though it was hot hot hot and smiled through it all. You have got some awesome guides! Keep it up. Hope to book another trip next summer with a group of friends.
- Jennifer Johnson

Deepest Gratitude

We cannot thank Northwest Rafting Co., our guides, Tate, Thomas, and Zach, enough! We had a very mixed group - from 7 to 74 years young! Immediately, the guides set the tone of making everyone feel cared for, safe, and included. Our group dynamics could not have been better; all of the guides genuinely interacted with every member of our group, from playing with the kids (and dealing with some very picky eaters!), to discussing myriad topics with the adults. As a guide myself, with over 40 years rafting, camping and fishing experience, I am eternally grateful for all the things I learned on this trip! One of my personal highlights was our visit to Zane Grey's cabin and marveling at the boat he used to navigate the Rogue! Add the scenery, wildlife, and the guide's love for what they share - a magical trip! With deepest gratitude!
- Michael Haas

Exceptional Guides

While all our guides were exceptional (including Mr. Namaste Asa, Logan, and Story) I wanted to especially thank Heather, Emilie, and Amanda for being remarkable role models for my young daughters. The three of them were pillars of strength, humility, grace under pressure, and authenticity that can be so hard to find in “regular life”. Just a big thank you to them for being brave and tenacious, and in doing so, creating dreams and opportunities for impressionable girls who admire them on the river and off!
- Emily Ochoa

Professional Organization

NWRC are a professional and well organized rafting organization with outstanding communication and setting of expectations. The guides go above and beyond, and are well chosen...we thoroughly enjoyed our rafting group, our guides, the food, hikes, camping, and rafting!
- Jené Gladstone

Mind Blowing

Northwest's Rogue River trip will blow your mind! River otters, 3000 cfs of beautiful flows, and amazing guides. Courtney, our trip lead, kept everyone safe and was an outstanding boater. Big thanks to Tate, Brad, Austin, and Heather, they brought so much skill and stoke. This company is passionate about rivers, boating, good food, and safety. I am saving up for our next trip!
- Bernadette Kuhn

Grand Adventure

My trip down the Rogue with NW Rafting Co felt as if I were living a grand adventure novel. This trip will stand as one of the great experiences in my lifetime. It was a much needed vacation and I am glad that this was my adventure of choice. I had some trepidation about joining this trip as a solo traveler, but those concerns were alleviated as soon as I arrived. We were all family on the river and the guides gave us a great experience from start to finish.
- Adam Schierenbeck

Friendly, Fun, Beautiful

Just back from the 5 day Rogue River trip & can't wait to do it all over again. The scenery was spectacular, the food delicious, the other guests were a blast to hang out with...But what really made the trip was Asa and his crew of Emily, Story, Clair, & Logan. They made sure everyone was safe, informed, well fed, & included. Lots of activities on & off the water...fun for all.
- Amy Ward

Highest Quality

The highest-quality guides and service on The Rogue River! We chose NWRC based on a friend’s referral and we LOVED our 4-day overnight on the Rogue. Our guides and the overall logistics of the trip were stellar. This is a company that takes pride in their professionalism (safety, quality of the gear, LNT camping principles) with absolutely top-notch guides. From the food to the photos to the charm and energy of the guides, we were thrilled with the experience. Tip: Book early!
- Amy Davidson

Many Thanks!

Many thanks for putting together a stellar group of guides for last weeks trip down the Rogue. Asa and his crew were amazing…the whole experience couldn’t have been finer.
- Scott Engler

Knocked it Out of the Park

Quality company and superior staff. Guides become new best friends - rapport with interesting, out-there & going for it folks. Highest grade equipment, and supplemental offerings (wet suit, camp gear) exceeded expectations. Technical competencies of the guiding team apparent as they knocked it out of the park.
- Akin Blitz

Total Immersion in Nature

I wasn't expecting the calm I felt as a result of a total immersion in nature without the stress of preparation. That really was a luxury beyond measure. I didn't miss civilization or technology for one second, and could have easily gone 3 more nights at least.
- Lillian Cox

Camaraderie and Unity

It was a tremendous trip. Guides were fully invested in our wellbeing on and off the river. The Wild and Scenic section is majestic and my son and I made many life long memories. The guides prepared us for the dangers before each of the concerning rapids. Even in the stressful rapids they remained calm, composed and in control. The guides also fostered camaraderie among all the guests and created an environment of unity and closeness such that it was sad to see everyone leave. Northwest Rafting Company has created a wonderful river culture and I’m glad I was able to experience it and fully plan to come back for more.
- Jay Richards

Experience Couldn't Have Been Better

I can’t say enough about how great NWRC is! The guides are skilled, fun, hard working, entertaining and great cooks! The gear is all top notch. And the experience couldn’t have been better!
- Chris Giggy

Our Second Time Rafting with NWRC

This is our second time rafting with NWRC. We love them! Professional, friendly, great equipment kept in great condition, the food was great, and we had lots of opportunity to raft, duckie, or just ride the gear raft. They gave great instruction to duckies before rapids so that you felt confident you could handle them!
- Nancy Giggy

Mind Blowing Beauty

It’s never obvious when setting out on vacation if the organizational effort will be worth the anticipated holiday pay-off, but if you are looking to fast track the elusive combination of action adventure, connection with the wild, comradery, excitement, and life changing insights about your place in this world look no further than a river rafting trip with NWR Co. With meticulous organization and clock work like planning this premier of all the river outfits slayed it! From unbelievable meals conjured up three times a day, mind blowing beauty of the Rogue wilderness, bonding with family and strangers, the prefect combination of exciting rapids and and relaxing river side trips (jump rocks, hikes and more) the amazing crew of experienced river guides were the glue that bonded us all together – (Shout out to E-Mac and her crew). We’ve talked of nothing else since we had to return home, already followed up with new friends made, and my family for one will certainly be talking to Zach about a subscription model so we can come again asap!
- Ingo Piroth

Best Family Vacation to Date

We were so happy to find a vacation that would appeal to all our children - age 12-22 years but I had no idea how amazing this would be: it is hands down our best family vacation to date and I would book it again tomorrow. The beauty of the river and the location was breathtaking; the guides were incredible - knowledgeable, fun, attentive, organized and great at bringing everyone together ; the food was just incredible and it was quite amazing how they were able to produce such delicious meals for 4 days on the River. On top of this, we met such wonderful people who were also on our trip that we feel we have made new friends that we will definitely see again. I am a very happy camper/rafter mum with a very happy camper/rafting family! Thank you NWRC!
- Kirsten Piroth

The Best Guides

SO MANY THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THE GUIDES! First as a team they had an awesome chemistry and really impressed me with their cohesiveness. They seemed to truly enjoy working with each other and always stepping in to make the flow of the trip from our perspective smooth and easy going. Big smiles fun all around. The best guides can really connect with every guest on an individual level and this was true with each of our guides. Each of them was truly remarkable in their own way and made us feel welcome and like we were part of the team from the first day. What a special group. I would trust any one of our guides to safely get us down the river but more importantly they are wonderful humans with a passion for the river and strong stewardship of the environment.
- Doug Thomas

We Are Hooked!

This was our first rafting trip as a family, and we are hooked! It was the best vacation we have ever had.
- Sara Campbell

Wonderful Experience

This trip was so much more than everything I knew it would be—a wonderful experience!
- Anne Portman

This Team Delivered

I can’t say I expected to be sitting in a circle of people, who were strangers a few days before, in tears on the last morning of our trip. As a former professional river guide, trip leader on a very large river, and swift water rescue technician, my expectations for my first multi-day river trip with the fam were pretty high. This team delivered the perfect post-Covid vacation and we met some lifelong friends in the process who helped instill a sense of confidence and wonder in my teenaged kids. Can’t really ask for more than that. Thank you all - you’ve got something really special going on.
- Danielle Marquis

Best Vacation We've Ever Taken

Our trip down the Rogue was the best vacation we've ever taken - ten out of ten. The expert guides, breathtaking rapids, and spectacular food, everything surpassed every high expectation we had. Thanks for the best vacation we've ever had - already planning to come back!
- Donna Bobb

Life Changing Experience

Words can not describe what an amazing 4 day experience this was. Every day was full of new adventures and our guides became like family. From rock jumping to running rapids to just floating down the river, it continually reminded me that the most important thing is just being present in the moment where you are right now. It was a life changing experience and we hope to do it again soon!
- Kristen Lenz

Awesome Rogue River trip

Absolutely the best time river rafting with Northwest! From start to finish, we got A++++ service! Can’t say enough about the wonderful team of guides. Dustin, Ellie, Nick, Sebastian and Emily were amazing! This may be their job but it felt like they were friends and family, real genuine. The guests had rafting capabilities of all levels and the team catered to all of us. The rafting was awesome! Something for everyone. Loved rafting! Thanks to the encouragement of the guides, I even went on the duckies and kayaked through several rapids. Such an experience I’ll never forget! And the food....We were fed so well. All of the meals were phenomenal. Again, by enthusiastic guide effort! Lastly, the managing team was always in contact with us during the reservation process to the day of arrival. Always responsive and friendly. I would definitely recommend (and already have) Northwest Rafting Co and the go to for an amazing rafting experience!!
- Daun McGarragh

Perfect Trip for Our Family

We loved, loved, loved every minute of our time with the team at Northwest Rafting Company on the Rogue River. The team members are not just river guides, they are naturalists, chefs, teachers, camp counselors, historians, adventurers, comedians, environmentalists and hosts. Dustin said that the river is the place they call home for 60 days out of the year. They treat their guests as if they are visiting their home and it's the guides' job to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. This warm hospitality showed on and off the river. My family of four will definitely join them for another trip in the future!
- Deborah Pleva

I can't wait to go on my next trip!

This is the 3rd rafting trip I have been. After the first two I said I would never go on one again. My spouse convinced me to try again and this company superseded my expectations. I felt safe from day 1 and free to enjoy white water and nature. The guides were fun and knowledgeable.
- Kristi Kelel

Awesome Trip!

Our family of four had the absolute best time rafting with Northwest! Our guides each added so much to our trip: Emily, Cody, Anna and Joe took such great care of us and had were so much fun to be with. They had such expertise about the Rogue and each added to the trip. The food was amazing and it was just what we needed to get outside and in the outdoors. Thank you for an epic four days!
- Caroline Hughes

Great trip during these stressful times!

During these crazy and stressful times it was so great to get out in the wilderness with the family. We loved all the guides, the other guests were lovely, the rapids and rock jumping were super fun, the food was yummy, and the campsites were comfortable. There were lots of daughters/girls on the trip. Every NWRC trip has great guides, and great women guides -- such great role models. Thank you NWRC for another great trip to feed my soul and warm my heart.
- Mark Siegel

Truly cannot recommend highly enough!

The Rogue rafting experience was the best family vacation we've ever taken. Three generations had an amazing time on the water led by fantastic guides who know the river like it's their own backyard and are eager to help each of us capture our own perfect memories. From guitar music as we float downstream to whitewater thrills to creek hikes and in camp games, it truly was fun for all. Our comfort was a top priority at all times and the food was delicious, with appetizers and delicious main courses at every meal and options for even the pickiest of kids. Also, I have a physical disability and the guides were truly great about working with me to maximize my participation and to accommodate my needs. I was treated with respect and never felt that I didn't belong in the group and I felt supported to safely participate as much as I was able. Truly cannot recommend them highly enough!
- Colleen Shannon

Amazing adventure!

We had an absolutely amazing adventure. The trip was everything we hoped it would be and more - amazing weather, beautiful scenery, good food, great company, professional, knowledgeable and fun guides, great campsites, cliff jumps and river floats. We heard NW ran the best trips on the river and they lived up to their reputation. We felt safe and comfortable in their care and working with the office staff was easy. They answered all our questions ahead of time so I felt well prepared. We are already talking about booking another trip and wish we were still out on the river.
- Michele Holen

Class Operation!

I am a private boater which means I have the equipment and knowledge to run my own trips and don't need to use commercial guides. It also means that I have encountered almost every outfitter on the Rogue. Zach and Northwest Rafting Co run a really class act. They are incredibly knowledgeable, care deeply about the rivers and are really respectful of all of the other groups on the river. This is the operation that I recommend to all my friends interested in doing a commercial trip on the Rogue or Salmon Rivers.
- Amy Shipman

Fantastic trip - Thanks!

From a flawless registration process, to good instructions for preparing to hit the river, to crew and guides who were helpful on the river and at campsites...I can't recommend NWRC enough. I am a fan.
- Chuck Sheketoff

Another great trip with NWRC

Another great crew! This is my second trip with this organization and I continue to be impressed by the caliber of the people and the experience. Guides appear to be genuinely interested in their passengers safety and needs. They are patient, creative and responsive. Plus, they are good at their job -- getting a group of strangers down a river safely and with a boat load of memories to bring home.
- Naseem Rakha

NWRC Sets the Bar High!

The entire group gave great guidance and made me feel safe the entire trip. I had some really bad anxiety going into this trip and at no point did I feel uncomfortable on the water. They all knew the exact locations to go into the rapids and difficult parts. They all were a blast to hang out with at camp and on the river. I was overly impressed with how much of a well oiled machine they were working as a group getting camp set up before we arrived each day and was blown away with the meals that were prepared. This was hands down the best trip I have ever been on. I will highly recommend your rafting company to every person I know that's interested in experiencing what I got to. Thanks again for everything!
- Dominick H.

thoroughly impressed!

As an avid wilderness traveler who usually plans my own trips, I have pretty high expectations for guided trips, and I was super impressed with the Rogue trip I took with Northwest Rafting Co! Here are the reasons why: Guides: The river guides are simultaneously uber-professional and also super friendly. They really made everyone feel welcome and safe, and I loved watching them educate curious guests about whitewater as well as the surrounding wildlife and environment. If you are someone who likes to get to know your guides and hang out with them (rather than feeling separate from them, like they’re a different group than the guests), I recommend coming on a Northwest trip! Also, their systems for cooking, cleaning, and rigging/de-rigging are flawless. It’s amazing how quickly and efficiently everything happens when the guides are at work. Safety: If you are either a) nervous about whitewater rafting, or b) interested in learning how to kayak, a trip down the Rogue with NW is the way to go—the guides will help you feel confident and informed about what to expect and how to handle it! Many people in our group chose to paddle inflatable kayaks (aka “duckies”) for certain river sections, and the guides were amazing at instructing them where to go, what to avoid, and even gave great tips on technique. Food: The food was incredibly tasty (and I’m a nutritionist, so I don’t get stoked on mediocre food). I actually overheard numerous other guests say they were eating better than they eat at home—tons of fresh fruit and veggies, lots of variety in flavors and types of cuisine, and always generous portions to make sure everyone was nice and full. Gear: Every piece of equipment and gear was top of the line. Even though we were in the middle of the wilderness, it felt like we were boating and camping in luxury. The river itself: The Rogue is rife with wildlife! Black bears, beavers, otters, turtles, ospreys, bald eagles, deer, and more. We saw animals every day (but don’t worry, none of them were threatening our camp or our food)! Overall, my trip was an unforgettable experience and I cannot wait to go back. I’ve heard that Northwest has many repeat customers and now I totally understand why. I will be returning next summer for sure!
- Caroline

Incredible trip and awesome guides!

This was an incredible trip! My 18 year old said "BEST VACATION WE'VE EVER HAD"... everything about it was fabulous, from the great food, the all-star guides, the insanely gorgeous scenery and way to cue the perfect star-filled sky at night. A++++++ The guides were awesome! Ellie is incredible -- an inspiration to me and my teenage daughters. She was super professional, proficient, calm, organized, a natural leader and all around cool person. All-Star! I wish I could hire her!!!
- Ashley Banks

Do it! You won't regret it!

Katie and Peter made the trip special for all of us, especially the kids. They both were the perfect combination of professionalism and fun. They put safety first but were always looking for ways for us to learn and stretch our skills both on and off the water. They fit right into our odd ball group and found a way to keep us on track yet giving plenty of time for spontaneity! Peter was especially great with the kids and we were all very impressed with his maturity and skill. Katie was an incredible lead guide and made sure we were getting the most out of the adventure. Would highly recommend anyone doing this trip!
- Holly May

Professional Guides

I have been on trips with other organizations and find yours by far the most professional but also enjoyed how the guides interacted with each and every one of us. We weren't just "customers" paying to be on the river, Rather we were guests in the riverhome they love and it showed by the interaction. Other companies I have found a disconnect between guides and guests.
- Sharon and Marty Cresalia

Gorgeous scenery and spectacular guides!

Thank you to northwest rafting for putting together a fantastic trip for us! The guides were spectacular, the scenery gorgeous, and the nights under the stars unforgettable. We were a daunting group (kids outnumbered adults!) and the guides made us feel comfortable and put together the most fun 4 days we could imagine. I cannot say enough about how absolutely awesome and amazing all the guides are! Their knowledge of the river and rafting was great, but their customer care and dedication to giving us the most fun and memorable trip was unparalleled. Each one added something special to the trip and went above and beyond for us and especially our kids.
- Sarah Daniels

Thanks so much for a wonderful trip

I've never been on a guided Wilderness tour before. Nor had I ever paddled so far down a river. I was impressed with the professionalism of everybody involved. The food was exceptionally good and there was more than we should have had. Every member of the staff was a true professional at their job. Humor and horse play where mixed in a very good proportion. Availability of cookies was off the chart.
- Sylvan Eidelman

Very well taken care of

I had the best time on the Rogue River raft trip. It is such a beautiful river and it was really fun to have options and padd
- Dana Bannister

Guides are spectacular

They were spectacular in every sense - as guides on the river; explaining things about what we were seeing; engaging with people of all ages; and they were phenomenal with our group of 7 kids both on and off the river. It made it a spectacular trip for all of us. I was quite concerned for the four other adults on our trip who were not part of our group, that they would not feel overwhelmed by our kids, and I think that the way that the guides kept both the kids super engaged and also were respectful of the other adults helped. I can't speak highly enough of them.
- Rebecca Bardach

Take Me To The River

I knew I would have a great time on this trip, but it still managed to far exceed my expectations. The scenery is breathtaking. The river is a perfect mix of semi-challenging rapids, flowing water and languid floating-- I only felt calm and excitement, never danger. The guides were friendly, knowledgable, helpful and very skilled. And as if all that weren't enough, the food was amazing! I highly recommend this trip to all river lovers of any skill level.
- Dan S

You guys made our honeymoon incredible!

We especially loved Daniel, Thomas, and Chuck. Emma and I bonded about doing Cherry Creek. It was a perfect intro rafting trip for my wife Jeanine. She ended up loving the ducky and was able to get enough time on one. I, of course, stayed in a ducky the whole time and was super happy that I paid extra to reserve one. Thanks so much Zach for running such an incredible company and for having such great guides (and food). Hopefully Jeanine and I can do the Middle Fork of the Salmon River with you guys in the next year or two.
- Monica Clare

Made our trip absolutely perfect!

What an absolute pleasure to be on the river with such an amazing crew and wonderful group of people. The trip was beyond expectations in every way. The scenery was beautiful, the water was incredible, wildlife was abundant, and the people were great company. I haven’t laughed that much in awhile. Looking forward to another trip in the future!
- Maija D

You've got to go with NWRC!

Everything about this trip was amazing - the staff, food, and rafting! So well prepared ! I loved every minute of the breathtaking beauty of Oregon and NWRC made it possible.
- Lisa Z

The guides were fun loving and superb

My 3rd Rogue River Trip with NWRafting, and altho the first 2 were quite different, this was the perfect one for my great nephews Rowan and Gavin (ages 9 & 11). The guides were fun loving and superb, the food fantastique, and the overall trip one the boys and I will never forget. Not to mention the truly great group of other rafters. You will all be missed.
- Terrance Kotnour

Our guides were awesome!

All of the guides were A+! They each had a unique set of knowledge and skills that they freely shared about the river, wildlife or sights along the way. Very impressed with their work ethic and care for their guests and the environment. I would highly recommend Northwest Rafting to anyone interested in booking a trip on the rivers that they run. Professional, knowledgeable and fun guides and staff! They are the best.
- Steve Cox

Simply the best

We just returned from a 4 day rafting trip on the Rogue with Chuck, Thomas, Nick and Aaron - what an absolutely amazing trip! The views were breathtaking, we saw amazing wild life - bears with their cubs, eagles and Osprey catching fish. Our awesome guides were super fun, respectful of the river and inspirational in leaving no trace. We hope to return next year on the Rogue or middle fork with this company. Bravo all!
- Hem Deodhar

A trip to remember

We loved the trip. Our reasons for going: my husband loves the outdoors my brother-in-law had done a similar trip and loved it we wanted to get unplugged The trip did all of that and more. We didn't know we'd end up adoring our guides who were fantastic. John, Dustin, Zev, Thomas ...and especially our lead guide, Emily who had such a positive attitude, but also got down to business whenever it was required. We loved the food, the company and the beautiful outdoors. It was a bonding experience that we won't forget and now want to come back for more.
- Lovina

Great trip, just go!

This was the fifth year we have run the American Whitewater trip with Northwest Rafting Company. I was impressed by the professionalism of staff on the first trip and it just keeps getting better! Being able to accommodate a diverse group of boaters paddling all types of different craft is a unique skill in outfitted trips. You guys do this real well and it makes for a wonderful experience on one of our countries first Wild and Scenic Rivers. If you are considering this trip, all I can say is go. If you wait you’ll just be another year (or two) older when you do.
- Mark Singleton

What a great trip!

My adult son and I just returned from our first trip down the Rogue. It was a memorable, stunning experience. The crew is fun, courteous, expert river guides and great cooks. They went over and above to accommodate my food restricted needs. The food was delicious and there was always a healthy choice. Emily, our river leader, was a true 'wonder woman'. Thank you NWRC!
- Dyana Basist

- Stefhany

Great Staff and absolutely amazing trip with wonderful views!
- Stefhany Kokke

Amazing trip!

We had a fantastic time and it was as I expected and hoped it would be: the rafting was fun and provided some challenges but was something that everyone on the trip could enjoy, our guides were a great balance of professional and knowledgeable as well as warm and accessible, and the campsites and food were really great. (Thanks John you are a fantastic river chef!) I loved that my 14 year old could have independence paddling his own ducky under the guide's direction and I was free to enjoy the river as well. Our favorite part was sleeping under those amazing stars. We would definitely do this again!
- elizabeth

Awesome Rogue River Experience

Zac, I would again like to than you for providing such an awesome rogue river experience last week. From your incredible guides, the amazing food that was prepared, (excellent coffee), side excursions, and the overall mindset and laid back feel of the trip, you could not have improved anything. We have not stopped talking about the experience. We have had several neighbors get our feedback on the trip, and I will be very surprised if you don't get some whitefish bay wisconsin guests in the next year. Thanks again and keep up your incredible company!
- Steve Kennedy

Another great experience!

After having such a great time on the Salmon River last year, we had to try the Rogue this summer. What a great experience, yet again! NWRC really is such a great company! We cannot recommend this company enough. Great job, Zach and Co.
- Aaron Evans

Absolutely Incredible Experience!!!

Thank you for an amazing experience. This was a birthday gift for my 10 year old boy from Grammy. All 3 of us had such an incredible time that we are discussing next year's trip with the rest of the family. My boy said "this trip changed me. I don't need wifi anymore." (let's see how long that lasts, lol). I get to run a university outdoor program full-time and I can say in my professional opinion, this experience was as great as it gets. The guides, food, equipment were absolutely the best. Although I have been "in the business" for over 20 years, I finished the trip with a load of notes and new gear list. I'm so looking forward to the next adventure with NWRC!
- Rod Tucknott


You found your company! They take care of every detail! Food is delicious and the guides are fun, friendly, knowledgable, and professional. The price is good and you'll truly feel like you're on a vacation of a lifetime.
- Jolene

The most delightful trip ever

We are just returning from the family trip of a lifetime. Northwest Rafting Company sets the stage for such a great adventure , delicious meals, safe and fun river time and totally playful camp time. The guides do a top notch job of making everyone feel satisfied and the children calling for more and more. All of the kids got along and had a blast playing with the guides which gave the adults some valuable hours of settling in and enjoying some personal space. Well done over and over again Northwest Rafting Company. You have the best family trips ever. We returned home planning our next family rafting trip with you and your wonderful team. Thank you!
- Rorie Lin Gotham

Another great trip!

This was our second trip down the Rogue with NWRC and it was amazing again. The Wild & Scenic Rogue is something that can't be missed and the crew from NWRC makes sure you enjoy every minute of it. The guides are all awesome on the water and even better off it. We will be back for sure.
- Bryan

Rogue River Fun!

The Rogue River offers a delightful step away from the often-hectic elements of our daily lives. The beauty of the river itself, the canyon, and the wildlife/vegetation of the region offer a breath of fresh air and calmness. The NWRC guides enhance the trip with their expertise at the oars, information about the area, awesome cooking and camping skills, and joie de vivre that is very contagious! SUPER trip!! Looking forward to another opportunity to join NWRC for a trip!
- Carolyn Tanksley

Best. River. Trip. Ever.

There's something special about the Rogue... years of boating, and its SO hard to beat! Really needing a reset? The Rogue. Seeking star gazing time? The Rogue. Want to feast your eyes on foliage, experience osprey, watch bear? The Rogue. Ready to learn the ins and outs of whitewater? The Rogue. Or better yet, if you want bonding, ab-wrecking-laughter, and full-belly-food-comas, Northwest river guides will serve it all up (while filling you in on every morsel of natural history and every ridiculous joke in between). Book a trip. You won't regret it. Promise.
- Nicole


My days on the river were like magic! The scenery was breath taking, guides were knowledgeable and there trip was refreshing! This trip was a wonderful way to connect with my son and spend quality time together. I would not hesitate to book another trip and I encourage my friends who express the slightest interest in this type of vacation to check out Northwest Rafting and the trips they offer!
- Joanie

Refreshing outdoors experience!

Have been on two trips with NWRC, both absolutely amazing experiences! Connect with nature, unwind form your every day life and breath in the beauty that is the Rogue River. The guides take care of everything, you need not lift a finger, or get your hands wet paddling and developing your rafting skills. The guides are amazing and will provide you with a unforgettable experience.
- Kathryn