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News & Updates

Rogue River Rafting Reviews

Molly / Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We love seeing what our guests have to say when they come off the river. Not only do we hear great feedback as to how to make our trips even better for the coming years, we also hear about how our trips have helped make guests' summers the best they could be. Here are some of our favorite and most heartwarming guest quotes of the season so far accompanied by some...

Rowing School: River Freedom in Five Days

Nicole Hickok / Thursday, July 3, 2014

The sun begins its daily ritual of warming, of basking. I squint my eyes across the water watching its beams break on the river’s surface and fracture into bright and brilliant blues and greens. It’s an emerald kingdom unlike any other whose long-term residents include sturgeon, steelhead, salmon, osprey, eagles, bears and, for the next five days, us. I hear the gravel crunch under tires and turn my gaze away from...

The Lower Owyhee River

Nate / Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sitting comfortably awash in Oregon’s sagebrush sea, Rome is the sort of place that takes some determination to get to. My own path to there started in Ashland, Oregon and lasted about eight hours. Arriving near sunset, there was just enough time to unload our boats and catch a glimpse of the Owyhee River as it meandered through the surrounding ranchlands. The rest of our crew arrived the following morning and...

Summer Photo Contest #mynwrcphoto

Zach / Saturday, June 14, 2014

Share your favorite NWRC trip photos on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter this summer and tag them with #mynwrcphoto to enter our summer photo contest. We'll pick our favorite photo on September 1st and the winner will get a NWRC hooded sweatshirt. The ten best photographers will win NWRC t-shirts. For those of you unfamiliar with hashtags, don't worry it's easy. Just add the text "#mynwrcphoto" in the text of your facebook,...