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Delicious Food

Over the years, we have perfected our river recipes. You may be surprised that you find yourself eating as well or even better on the river than you do at home. We make meals that are fresh, filling, and healthy. Every breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served buffet style, with each component served separately so that everyone can fill their plate with the foods they want.


First thing in the morning, the guides will be up prepping breakfast. Freshly brewed coffee will be put out first with some light breakfast items such as fruit and cereal. A big hot breakfast will follow with favorite items like French toast, sausages, pancakes, eggs, English muffins, and bacon.

“It’s true that food tastes better outside, and my family and I were amazed at the meals these guides put together out here!”
– Beth H., Rogue River guest


Midday we will pull up our rafts at a riverside beach. While you snack on slices of apple, orange, and pineapple, the guides will be setting up our lunch table for the day.

Preparing lunch on the river
Preparing lunch on the river

Our favorite lunches are deli sandwiches, taco salad, and curry chicken salad with pitas. PB&J will join every meal for those looking for something nice and simple.


When we arrive in camp in the late afternoon, you will have some time to change into dry clothes and relax, play a game, go for a hike, or sit by the river with a book. While you sip on a cold beverage, the guides will be busy starting dinner. An appetizer course will be set out first with things like cheese & crackers or dip with veggie sticks.

The evening begins with appetizers
The evening begins with appetizers

Once dinner is served, you will find hearty portions of steak, salmon, or chicken along with sides like mashed potatoes, spinach salad, asparagus, or rice pilaf. We always have dessert too!

Dietary Restrictions

We are able to accommodate dietary restrictions with advance notice. When you register, please give us as much information as possible about your food allergy or dietary limitation. We will plan meals for you, but if you’d like to bring specific items, you may—just let us know. Please bring your own snacks or bars. We typically have room in coolers and dry boxes for any extras.

  • Gluten-Free — This is an easy swap with our menu. Let us know if you want us to bring gluten-free bread or cookies or if you prefer to skip them and opt for work-arounds like lettuce wraps and having fruit for dessert.
  • Vegetarian — Most meals are already vegetarian if you skip the meat option. We will also make a veggie substitution for meaty meals like steak night if you let us know in advance.
  • Vegan — Our guides are great at making delicious vegan meals! But we like to have as much information as possible when planning the menu. Let us know what type of foods you usually eat and if there’s anything you don’t eat that falls within the plant-based category.
  • Other diets — We have worked with many other restrictions and allergies. Giving us plenty of information, along with bringing any specialized foods that we can’t find in our rural grocery stores, is super-helpful.


It is always a treat to end your day with a cold beverage. Alcoholic beverages and soda may be brought, preferably in unbreakable containers. It is always fun to share, but we do our best to keep your personal beverages just for you. Just remind your guides if you have something special you would like to see make it into the drink cooler.