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Author: Madison Montgomery

Oar rafts on the Hood River

At Northwest Rafting Company, we pride ourselves on creating more confident and skilled boaters through professional instruction. From rowing schools to International Rafting Federation guide workshops, we instruct beginners and professionals alike year-round. Which Course is Right for Me? One of the most frequent questions we receive is, “Which course is right for me?” The answer depends on your background, skillset, and goals. To help summarize the differences between courses, we developed this guide to help sort through course details. If one of the categories below… Read More

The Illinois River above Pine Flat

So, you want to take a rafting trip? Choosing the perfect trip should be a breeze, right? You hop on our website, start browsing through trip details, and realize something pretty quickly. There is a LOT of information to consider when choosing the perfect rafting trip! Questions like “What will I do and see on this trip?”, “What time of year is best for rafting?”, and “Are trips family friendly?” are all swirling around in your head with each page click. You want to make a… Read More