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Bhutan Reviews

A treasure I will keep forever

I’ve been dreaming of Bhutan ever since hearing Zach describe the trip nearly 6 years ago. It’s Dzongs, Temples, rafting, hiking, artistic traditions and architecture, amazing scenery and wildlife, and the Bhutanese people enthralled me. Bhutan is a treasure I will keep forever.
- Carolyn Nielsen

Life Changing

This trip combines all the ingredients for a life changing experience. Bhutan is a beautiful, peaceful country. The Bhutanese are warm and friendly people. It’s off the beaten path of typical tours and with the mix of adventure and culture you will never be lacking for new experiences. I went at 60 and was not in great shape. The guides and tour assistants made sure all our needs were cared for with love and respect. By pushing my comfort zone I managed to impress myself with what I was capable of!! In such turbulent times this is the adventure for today. You will leave feeling restored spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I cannot recommend it enough! Go!!
- Nancy Hobson

Epic trip of a lifetime!

The thrills I had visiting Bhutan - experiencing rafting that was sometimes beyond my comfort level, exploring the rich and spiritual culture of the region, enjoying the company of fellow travelers and appreciating the guidance and warmth of each and every guide.
- Joan Cassiani

Best adventure ever!

I felt very safe and comfortable on the river because these guides are skilled and knowledgeable. They are also very fun and kind - I can’t imagine a better way to experience Bhutan. The rivers are spectacular, the culture fascinating and we had excellent guides. Absolutely a 5-star experience.
- Dayna Stern

Everything I could want in a trip

This was one of those trips that allows you to see the world in a different way. NWRC’s deep knowledge and love of Bhutan, from the lovely citizens to its fascinating culture to its profound beauty, permeates the whole trip and allows any separation to dissolve. The itinerary and lodging encourages adventure but allows for the space to fully appreciate all of it.…plus rafting with top notch guides and gear on rivers hardly anyone else have rafted.
- Nancy Elliot

Fabulous Time

I had a fabulous time on the trip with you. You picked excellent sites for us to visit, arranged the most *amazing* river side lunches and found excellent guides to make it happen. While there are any number of things I might have wanted more of at the moment--one more rapid, one more minute looking at wrathful demons, one more bite of ema datsi--I came to appreciate both balance and cessation of desire.
- Ken Joye


I feel very fortunate to have been on this trip, and I thank the day I somehow ran into the Northwest Rafting Company web site in 2016, and had the good idea to sign up for your newsletters. It was those interesting and compelling emails that first got me interested in joining you for the Owyhee. Now I’ve done three trips with your group and I’m signed for a fourth. You do outstanding work, you make it look easy, and I can tell it is your passion. Thank you.
- Naseem Rakha

Well Organized

Everything was well organized and went smoothly. Zach had us thoroughly prepared for the adventure.
- Pat and Sally Knox

Great work!

The thoughtfulness of all the guides was wonderful, US and Bhutanese. The flow of each day was excellent, from meals, rafting, temples, culture and hiking.
- Peter Pease

Bhutan with NWRC

I went to Bhutan with NWRC in November 2016. Bhutan, twice the size of New Hampshire, became a nation in the early 1900’s, opened its borders in the 70’s and allowed TV in 1999. It is a reverent, observant and seemingly content society that is so different from anything in our day to day metrics. All this in the dry season in the Himalayan hills. Zach and NWRC have thoughtfully considered what is possible to do and see in two weeks. Zach leads groups with cheer, attention and with understated expertise. This is my second trip with him and he sets the bar.
- Donald Meyer

Happiness and Adventure rolled into one!

Every step and stroke of the paddle exploring the beauty and magic of Bhutan was something I’ll never forget! The combo of adventure running the rapids of 4 rivers combined with the cultural discovery - from Big Buddha to the Paro Dzong to hiking to Taksang Monastery - it's all amazing! Zach and Michael and Karma were always making sure we were happy and taken care of. Thank you for all the work to make every day seamless and smooth. Taking a few extra days was a huge bonus and I can't wait to return. Bhutan is a unique place and this trip will enhance your own ‘gross national Happiness’!
- Victoria FittsMilgrim

World Class Outfitter and Amazing Trip

Many years ago I worked for a different adventure outfitter, so I have the perspective of a former guide and now guest. I've gotta say, NWRC knows how to put together an AMAZING trip. The professionalism, communication, safety and attention to detail NWRC dedicates to every trip is unparalleled. Our guides deep knowledge and passion to share Bhutan's rich culture was a testament to the country's Gross National Happiness. Pairing this cultural knowledge with the skills and ability to help us navigate the beautiful rivers added some thrilling adventure to an already awe-inspiring trip. If this trip wasn't already on your bucket list, it should be now 🙂
- Catherine Loke

Best trip ever

I could not possibly recommend this trip more highly. Bhutan is as close to Shangra-La as you can get. Rafting/kayaking its rivers is natural bliss. NWRC is both super well organized and prepared for spontaneity. Want to try archery? Traditional bamboo bow and arrow coming up. Forgot the long sleeve shirt you need to get into the temple? Zach will give you the shirt off his back. Birding book you brought not up to snuff? Zach's got the one. Super awesome trip. I'd raft down any river with NWRC.
- Xander Patterson

Bhutan was a highlight

World class operation. I'm sure that any guest of NWRC will say the same. I was a client, but feel I have extra insight, as I'm a river guide, and have been for 30 years. I've worked for many companies, in many places: however rarely have I seen such a classy operation run in such an ethical manner as I did on this trip. It's obvious Zach and his crew of US guides love Bhutan, and obvious that they and their local guides/drivers/staff have bonded. Great country and people, and a great team to see it with.
- Peter Gordon


This was an incredible foray into the Bhutanese Buddhist lore of centuries past and century present. The richness of the culture, people and a new democracy that truly values happiness was transformative. This trip was remarkable for the flexibility offered - if group members expressed an interest in something, we were able to explore those interests. The support crew, lodging, food all wonderful. Our cultural guides incredible.
- Melanie Farnsworth

Big Buddha

The trip with NWRC was fantastic. Our whole group, the guides, the drivers, the fellow guests were all kind, sharing, supportive, flexible, and fun loving. The food and lodging were great. We had lots of little adventures to seldom seen places and wonderful interactions with the friendly Bhutanese people. And the guides are all so cute, we just wanted to take them home and squeeze them. Go to Bhutan -- you'll be glad you did.
- Mark Siegel

Best trip ever

This trip was top notch in every way. Experiencing the people and culture of Bhutan was transformative. And then, NWRC put together a fantastic adventure. The rafting and hiking were excellent. The group leaders took the interests of the group into consideration and planned accordingly. The guides were experienced and competent. Food and lodging were great. I was only sad the trip wasn't twice as long.
- Teresa Keane