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Family Time

Wilderness rivers are the perfect place to spend quality time with your kids and teens. Families return year after year to hear the echo of their children’s laughter throughout the Rogue River canyon. The days are spent traveling down the river without the distraction of cell phones or video games. In camp, we do group activities like hiking, playing games, or gathering around a campfire for songs or stories. Kids ages 7-70 will find something to amaze them and memories to last throughout their lifetimes.

Friends and family on the Rogue River
Friends and family on the Rogue River

Family Friendly Guides

We hire kid-friendly guides that your children will be entertained by all day. On the river, their top priority is your family’s safety and in camp you will find them to be interesting people to be around. Many play music, most play games and all have fun stories to share.

Parents have the opportunity to relax outside while our guides handle the packing, cooking and clean-up. Your time is your own, and while in camp you can choose to relax with a beverage, read in the sun or explore the natural environment. There are hikes to waterfalls or interesting historical points from the campsites.

One of the things adults enjoy most about the river, is that they too can act like kids again. Splashing through rapids all day is followed by the wonder of star gazing at night. A river trip truly becomes a memory that you and your family will always share.

Boat Choices

Usually each member of a family has different needs while we’re on the river, especially when grandma and grandpa come along for the ride. You’ll have 3 crafts to choose from on each trip to suit your desired activity level. Most people try out all 3 during their trip.

Oar boats are navigated by one of our professional river guides with long, wooden oars. They carry a lot of the camp gear, but guests also ride in the front for the least amount of activity and maximum safety.

Paddle boats require teamwork with a guide sitting in the back as captain and 3-6 guests to paddle through the rapids.

Inflatable kayaks are for active, adventurous types and are a favorite for teenagers. Also called duckies, these kayaks come in singles or doubles and offer plenty of opportunity to get wet.