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Grande Ronde Reviews


The best way to get to Troy, Oregon is via NWRC floating the Grande Ronde from Minam. Why? It is an unforgettable four days and three nights of pure enjoyment in an unique, changing environment that is visually and viscerally rewarding. The topping for the trip were our guides, Brodie and Emily. Not only are they excellent on the oars, their comradery, camp setup and food even made the daily rain fun! Do watch out for Emily, she is a card shark and Brodie's luck is boundless. On our trip, the water was high and running fast. Emily and Brodie were very mindful of our safety as well as comfort. Their awareness of the surroundings, spotting Big Horn Sheep and exploring adjoining creeks were an added bonus. On the final day I experienced running the river in an inflatable kayak called a ducky. What a hoot!! Couldn't wipe the smile off my face if you tried. Highly recommend the Grande Ronde float and a walk across the bridge to Troy! Thanks NWRC and especially Emily and Brodie.
- David Foote