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Kalmiopsis Rivers

The Kalmiopsis Wildlands is a uniquely special area in and around Southern Oregon’s Kalmiopsis Wilderness. It contains an unusually high concentration of unspoiled Wild and Scenic rivers. .

“I think this is probably the most important, the most biologically significant, unprotected landscape in the American West”Secretary of the Interior under President Clinton, Bruce Babbitt

Kalmiopsis Wilderness Map
Kalmiopsis Wilderness Map

Media: Photos, Videos & Stories

Our media collection of the DFKWA are available for non-profit organizations to use to help protect these the streams.

Northwest Rafting Company Photos: When possible, please give photo credit to Northwest Rafting Company or Northwest Rafting Co. and link to www.nwrafting.com.

Illinois River

Illinois River | Kalmiopsis Wilderness
Photos: NWRC Illinois Rafting, NWRC Illinois River Trail, Yonder Journal Illinois River Trail, Nate Wilson Illinois River

Chetco River

Chetco River | Kalmiopsis Wilderness
Photos: Yonder Journal Chetco Photos, NWRC Lower Chetco, NWRC Chetco Exploratory, NWRC Chetco 2013

North Fork of the Smith River

North Fork Smith River | DFKWA
Photos: Nate Wilson North Fork of the Smith
Description: Whitewater Guidebook, Nate Wilson Blog Post

Baldface Creek

Baldface Creek | DFKWA
Photos: Yonder Journal Baldface Creek, NWRC Baldface Creek

Rough and Ready Creek

Rough and Ready Creek | DFKWA
Photos: NWRC Rough and Ready Creek

Josephine Creek

Josephine Creek | DFKWA
Photos: NWRC Josephine Creek

Silver Creek

Silver Creek | DFKWA

Indigo Creek

Indigo Creek | DFKWA



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