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Rafting with NWRC in the Era of COVID-19

We’re thrilled to have gotten the green light to run rafting trips this summer! We don’t take this privilege lightly and we want to do everything we can do to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 on our trips (while of course we can’t eliminate the risk entirely). Here are some ways we are working to provide enhanced sanitation and allow for social distancing while still relaxing and having fun.

Custom and Private Trips

We’re excited to offer private trips on the Rogue River for just you and your quarantine buddies this summer. Just let us know how many days, river, and any extras goodies you’d be interested in.

A custom family trip on the Rogue River

Please give us a call for availability and pricing for a private trip.

“High Risk” Individuals

We’re recommending our guests who are over the age of 65 years old or are otherwise considered “high risk” of complications due to contracting COVID-19 to not go on a trip this year. If you’re in a high risk category and would still like to go we ask that you book a custom trip with your close family.

Social Distancing on the Rafts

We’re bringing more rafts and more guides this year. Before each trip we are carefully looking at rosters and grouping people by family/friend groups, planning how many rafts and duckies to bring accordingly.

Social distancing on the Rogue River
Social distancing on the Rogue River

This way different family groups won’t have to sit alongside each other on the rafts. More guides also mean more help with additional sanitizing duties. We feel like the best version of social distancing out there is floating through a wilderness area with your family.

Social Distancing in Camp

Camps alongside the river are spacious. You’ll be able to find a secluded spot with plenty of space away from your fellow trip participants to set up your tent. We’ll have a chair circle as usual but the chairs will have a bit more space in between them, but still allowing for fun conversations and stories in the evenings.

Playing chess with a homemade set on the Middle Fork

The best place to be social is surrounded by fresh, clean mountain air. Or wander away from the group and find a spot by the river to take in the peaceful night sky.

Sanitation in Camp

We already prided ourselves on a high level of cleanliness and sanitation on our trips but we’ve upped our standards even more. As usual we will have no-touch hand-washing stations in camp for using before/after eating, using the bathroom, or just because. The guides will wear masks while cooking and while serving food. The line for meals will allow for one person at a time to be served. The camp kitchen will be sanitized before and after any meal preparation.

Guest Responsibilities

Before each trip we’re letting all guests know of our expectations of them with our “sanitation pledge,” ensuring all guests adhere to frequent hand-washing practices while on the trip and that leading up to the trip guests monitor their temperatures, practice responsible social distancing, and take a COVID-19 test if possible. Additional responsibilities include bringing a mask for transportation, communicating with the guides about any changes in health, and covering any coughs or sneezes.

View our COVID-19 Pre-Trip Information and Agreement


We’ll have roomier transportation to get to and from the river and asking that those in the van wear a mask. Better yet, we’re recommending that each group have their cars shuttled so that you don’t have to ride in our vans at all. On the Rogue River, you can set this up with the Galice Resort (shuttle to Foster Bar) and on the Middle Fork, give us a call and we can set it up for you.

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