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Rafting on Russia's

Akishma River

  • Length: 18 days
  • Dates: July 2 – 19, 2016
  • Activities: Class III/IV (with some IV+) Rafting
  • Meet: Khabarovsk, Russian Federation
  • Price: $5995/person

Each summer, a few hearty NWRC guests travel to the remote Siberian wilderness with native river guide Vladimir Gavrilov. Vlad and Zach, the NWRC owner, have guided together for over 15 years, and the two work closely to coordinate these rafting and kayaking expeditions to a different Russian river each year.

Traveling in Siberia is for the true adventurer, and offers the opportunity to explore a vast, unspoiled wilderness. The whitewater is often big, and the geology stunning. You’ll get a glimpse of unique Russian cultures that exist outside of the cosmopolitan cities, and encounter people that lead vastly different and interesting lives.

Rafting one of the narrow canyons of the Bashkaus River
Rafting one of the narrow canyons of the Bashkaus River

For 2016, we’ll head to the Akishma River in the far east of Siberia. Renowned for its remoteness and unique natural beauty, this stunner flows among whimsically-shaped boulders as it meanders through the Taiga (the dense forest found in Siberia).

“The mountains are carpeted intermittently with the taiga and the explosive colors of alpine meadows. There are gooseberries growing on the steep banks. Among the upper reaches are numerous enticing stopping points. In short, this is an unforgettable journey.” – Vladimir Gavrilov

Guests will take in some Russian history as we journey to the river including the settlement of Sofiysk, which was the largest gold mining center during Soviet era, as well as a stop at a GULAG camp where Stalin’s prisoners worked a Molybdenum mine.

Group photo from our Kaa-Khem Expedition in 2011
Group photo from our Kaa-Khem Expedition in 2011

In 2013, National Geographic listed NWRC’s trip to Siberia as one of their 50 Tours of a Lifetime. This award is given to the year’s “most authentic, most innovative, most immersive, best-guided, and most sustainable tours.”

Vlad's big smile on the banks of the Chuya River
Vlad’s big smile on the banks of the Chuya River

Don’t miss this opportunity to raft with Vladimir Gavrilov, a Siberian rafting legend who wrote the guide book Rivers of an Unknown Land about the rivers of the former Soviet Union. With Vlad as your guide, we’re confident your trip to Siberia will be a tour of a lifetime.

Trip Highlights

  • Casting for Greyling, Lenok, and the monster Taimen fish.
  • Watching deer, elk, bears, and sables run along the Tiaga
  • Remnants of former GULAC labor camps
  • Quick Facts

  • Located in the far eastern corner of Siberia
  • Very remote wilderness with very little access
  • 15 hour train ride from Khabarovsk to Sofiysk
  • Exciting class IV whitewater
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