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Class III Rowing School Reviews

So Impressed

β€œ Honestly, I'm struggling to find words to express how utterly impressed with your fantastic team and how thankful I am for this experience. I had the most challenging, empowering, and enjoyable week thanks to the knowledge, professionalism, and fun-nature of the NWRC crew. Their ability to balance teaching with direct feedback and complimentary skill building (rapid swimming, boat flipping, rigging, etc.) was top notch. From the beginning of the trip to the end, my rowing has drastically improved, and I feel confident being able to pick lines and then execute them, catch eddys, ferry, and just generally read the water better. They solidified my love for this sport even more, and I can't thank them enough for what I've gained coming out of this rowing class. You guys are amazing πŸ™‚β€
- Ariel Ursitti

5 Stars!

β€œ As a person that is not easily impressed, I was and still am blown away by the awesomeness of the trip, the instructors and Northwest Rafting Company as a whole. The knowledge passed on in the 5 days on the river was incredible. From the time we left Almeda to the takeout at Foster Bar there was never a lack of instruction or helpful tips (or great food). Between 5 days of on river instruction and the multiple on shore "classes" I feel I have the knowledge and skill to run class III rapids safely and with confidence. This trip was a true life changer and I am now hooked on the river!”
- Zach Romero

Fun and professional crew

β€œ I arrived at the Rogue Class III Rowing School an eager boater who has been running Class III with the help of guidebooks and other boaters who let me follow their lines. I thought my push stroke was weak because of my size and strength. I was wrong. The instructors changed my oar setup and gave me real feedback on my push stroke making me feel instantly stronger. The skilled, highly professional instructors coached me in strategies and techniques that allowed me to leave the Rogue trip (still eager) with more confidence to read the river, find my own lines, and boat with more intention. They did let me spend a couple of days on one of the catarafts, which could be a problem as now I want to buy a new boat . . . . I look forward to the Class IV Rowing School once I’ve had a bit more time on the sticks. The instructors were fun to be around at camp and the food was amazing!”
- Kim Criss

Great time!

β€œ Terrific five days on the river building skills. Good food, great guides, spectacular river, and some really fun rapids. The guides' love of rafting shows through in their instruction. They seemed to truly enjoy sharing their knowledge, which of course made it all the more fun!”
- Sadie

Excellent trip

β€œ We had excellent instruction from Peter, Daniel, Nick and Ellie. The support staff (Nick, Ellie, and Emily) were so eager to please and make sure that we had whatever we needed. I appreciated their great attitudes and hard work. This was a great trip in that we were provided with all that we needed to succeed. All that the student needs to add is their own desire to experiment and learn from what the river gives back. I felt like I learned a new language and was having a conversation with the water by the time the class was over. There were a lot of butterflies on this trip- at the beginning, they were in my belly, but by the end, I was enjoying watching them flutter past my oars as I was flowing with the current.”
- Michael Yackey

I got much more than I was hoping

β€œ I really can’t say enough positive things about each and every instructor. They were all so knowledgeable and each one brought their own special talents to the table. Peter’s depth of knowledge is incredible, and his ability to share it with students is incredible. Daniel was obviously made to be an instructor and trip leader. His knowledge, upbeat attitude, patience, and kindness were next level. Nick and Ellie rounded off this amazing group of instructors like few could. Both were great teachers, hard workers, and so easy to talk to and be around. I learned something different from each and every instructor there. The food and care in camp, as well as all the rafts and equipment prrovieded were first class. Besides the amazing instructors, I wanted to mention what a first class job Emily did as well. She was always upbeat and happy, and worked very hard to make sure all of the students had everything we needed to make our trip even more comfortable and enjoyable. She was a pleasure to be around. I got much more than I was hoping for out of this class, and I will happily refer it to anyone looking to expand their boating skills. Thank you so much for the experience!”
- Eric Johnson

Great instructors

β€œ After the first day the teacher-student relationships are transformed into friends on the river teaching other friends some new skills. I encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone and register for this rowing school.”
- Bill from Tennessee

Lifetime Trip!

β€œ One of the best experiences! Came with some drift boat rowing experience for fly fishing and left with so much more. Gained tons of experience and knowledge for rowing whitewater and can't wait for my next time on the river. The guides were amazing and allowed us plenty of freedom to learn from experience and provided challenges along the way. From preparing the raft, reading and rowing the rapids, setting up camp, and general river ettiequte the class is top of the line for all skill levels! Don't forget the fresh, healthy food and good laughs! Where else can you expand your abilities, build friendships, and remove yourself from this crazy world for a bit!”
- Ryan Haedrich


β€œ Couldn’t have asked for more - the knowledge sponging was plentiful; Brodie, Micheal, Natalie, and Dave were awesome sauce; and with 5 n00bs and 4 guides, had a guide-per-boat which worked out to nearly private lessons. Exactly what we were looking for - and we feel significantly more confident to be able to tackle the GC! Besides the rowing bits, yeah important, also got a whole heap of knowledge about how-to manage a group on the river and in camp; which might turn out to be the greater challenge in AZ.”
- Jonathan Kling

A Memorable Group Experience

β€œ As a β€œsenior” participant with some river experience, I jbooked this trip expecting to jump in with some wild β€œ20 somethings” to be shown how it’s done and get a few boat handling pointers.... what I encountered was an array of seasoned and deeply experienced professionals that nurtured me through a progressively well planned set of skill sets that culminate in instilling the confidence it takes to successfully and safely navigate a river. The bonus to this learning experience was that it was administered by a cohesive group of guides, highly educated in fields both relative to and removed from their chosen guiding profession, and capped with both social and gourmet cooking skills that rounded out a memorable group experience; Thanks NWRC!!”
- Robert Lambert

What more could you ask for?

β€œ Fun, Friendly, knowledgeable, professional, what more could you ask for. Everyone seemed like genuinely nice people. Dustin was great at keeping everything running smooth. I appreciate how he was flexible in adjusting plans, for instance, when people made it clear they wanted to ride through the opening move of blossom bar, he had the guides take us through rather than walking around. Daniel had a lot of great little tips for working more efficiently on the river and it really helped me to learn how to conserve energy on the water. Peter was great at watching each person row and really giving personalized advice on how we could have approached each rapid. Thanks everyone. I would recommend the rowing school to any beginning rower looking to gain skills and confidence. I appreciate how they broke the group into smaller pods and I feel like everyone was able to gain a lot from the class, no matter their previous experience. On top of that you will have a lot of fun and eat well.”
- Adam W.

Should have taken this class years ago!

β€œ What a fabulous experience! I am spreading the word to all my rafting friends that they should take this class! I learned so much in a short period of time. The instructors were top-notch and the curriculum was state of the art! Making connections with other participants was an unexpected added bonus and I look forward to rowing with our river family members again in the near future!”
- Ray Hasart

Rowing with Confidence!

β€œ In my life, there are few experiences I can say without a doubt helped shape my river confidence like the NWRC Rowing School. I am so thankful for the great development of my river reading and running skills after the class with the amazing instructors: Peter, Daniel, and Dustin. I left home anxious but committed to learning and left the Rogue River with a love I plan to keep for life.... rowing rivers! Not only did the school go above and beyond my goals, I also had a ton of fun while eating like a Five Star cruise ship passenger. Actually, it was better because of the sounds of the birds, river, wind, rain, and all of the love put into our meals. Chuck, Ellie, and Thomas rocked the trip too! Thank you, NWRC Team!”
- Danielle Widemann

Exactly what I needed and more.

β€œ I took the May/June 5-day Class 3 rowing school with Clara above. I recently bought a used 14' raft and took the class to learn how to row my family safely down rivers. I was nervous on the trip to Galice, but once the instruction started, I knew I was in good hands. The first couple days I learned the basics which give me the confidence to navigate the river safely. As the trip continued and the river became more challenging, the instructors taught me the subtleties of rowing. As the instructors humbly pointed out, the river is always teaching them something, regardless how much experience they had. The Rogue is amazing and I will never forget the wonderful group we had that week. The instructors and crew were excellent and every interaction with NWRC was top notch. The pace, schedule, food, organization, and campsites were all great. I hope to row with NWRC again and would highly recommend them for training or for trips. Two weeks after the class, I successfully rowed my wife, daughter (7) and son (4) down the John Day River for 3 nights and we are currently planning our next one (two, three and four!) with friends. My wife and daughter wanted stick time too, so I expect more rafts (and rowing schools) in our future! Two stern warnings though: 1) once you row your own raft, it is hard to imagine being a passenger again. 2) This is an extremely addictive activity for both body and soul.”
- Adam Henderson

What an awesome trip.

β€œ I am totally dyslexic and learning to row was a challenge to me. The guides were EXTREMELY patient with me. Having a different guide every day was also useful because they each gave a different perspective. Under their tutelage, I finally caught on! Oh, and the food was absolutely fantastic. What an awesome trip. Couldn't recommend it more.”
- Nicole Richard

Absolutely Incredible Experience!!!

β€œ Thank you for an amazing experience. I get to run a university outdoor program full-time and I can say in my professional opinion, this experience was as great as it gets. The guides, food, equipment, and instruction were absolutely the best. Although I have been "in the business" for over 20 years, I finished the trip with a load of notes and new gear list. I'm so looking forward to the next adventure with NWRC!”
- Rod Tucknott

Best Class I have Ever Taken!

β€œ I took the 5-day class III rowing school on the Rogue River in Oregon. They taught me how to row! I started off as a real novice, having only one personal training before the class. By the time the school was over I felt very comfortable and confident on the river! The progression and quality of teaching were incomparable to any other. Between the three rowing instructors they had 60 + year of experience and it showed! It was a very empowering and safe experience!!!! I felt I was challenged and also kept safe the entire time! Amazing experience and growth opportunity! If you are looking to learn or even improve your rafting this is the class for you! Great to learn safety and group boating techniques as well! The food, guides, and equipment were top notch! Could not have been happier!!!!”
- clara saguto