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Author: Emily Little

Emily Wrapped on the Chetco River

When I think about my river guiding career up to this point and how it has impacted my life, I see a lot of change. Those who knew me eight years ago in college would see a different person now. There are a lot of lessons I learned from river guiding that I try to implement in every day life. Here are ten takeaways I would like to share with you. 1. Nature soothes the soul I am more relaxed after spending time outside. Whether it… Read More

Nate Wilson looking for a river in the South Kalmiopsis

Kalmiopsised [Cal-mee-opp-sis-ed] –adj. 1. being cold, wet, exhausted, and happy in Oregon’s Kalmiopsis Wilderness. 2. in pain and despair in a rugged, harsh place with a big smile your brain is trying to relay to your face muscles. What is the Kalmiopsis? First of all, it is a tongue twister of a word to pronounce. But more importantly, it is the name of a 180,095 acre wilderness area in southwestern Oregon. “The area is characterized by deep, rough canyons, sharp rock ridges and clear, rushing mountain… Read More

Tyee Rapid on the Rogue River | Photo by Nate Wilson Photo

Rivers are the saws of the Earth, cutting their way through millions of years of lava flows and landslides to create the canyons we see today. The Rogue River is one of these canyons. It was formed with the Klamath Mountain range and yields some spectacular geology, some of which is more than 150 million years old. From the start to the end of the trip, boaters float through three geological formations. Rogue Formation Dothan Formation Flournoy Formation Rogue Formation The Rogue Formation begins at Galice and continues to… Read More