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Author: Michael Hughes

Group photo after rafting the Phu Chhu

Thailand vs Bhutan While not required, we suggest starting your trip in Bangkok, Thailand. Arriving there a day or two before your flight to Bhutan will help you adjust to the time change. The weather will factor into your packing as it is quite different between Thailand and Bhutan. Thailand is hot and humid whereas Bhutan tends to be much cooler and less humid. Consider bringing an outfit just for Thailand that may get sweaty that you don’t need in Bhutan. If you are planning a… Read More

Rogue River rowing school

While our Trip Details PDF is a highly refined document that answers most questions about our rowing schools, you may have some more questions on your mind. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about our Class III Rowing School. Can I share a raft with my Friend/Partner/Child? Unfortunately, no. In this course you’ll be rowing your own raft and we don’t allow passengers in that raft while you are learning. My Friend/Partner/Child wants to join the trip, but doesn’t want instruction… Read More

Fresh River Trip Blizzard

Big red canyon walls and miles of rolling river through remote south eastern Oregon puts the Owyhee on many river enthusiasts list. As you start planning your trip you quickly begin to learn the brutal nature of spring in the Owyhee Canyonlands. A truly fickle snowpack and river flow can go from perfect to nothing in a day or two, but back to great with a perfectly planned storm. Many keep their eye on the snow all winter only to be disappointed when it melts at… Read More

Kayaking Rough and Ready Creek

For the 51st anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act Senator Ron Wyden has asked for help protecting more of Oregon’s waterways. What a great time for the state’s lesser-know waterways to gain protection! After all, Oregon boasts 2,173 miles of iconic rivers in the Wild and Scenic program already—the Rogue, Illinois, Owyhee, Deschutes, Clackamas, Snake, John Day, and McKenzie being a few of the better-known. Some 250 of those miles were protected earlier this year. Wild and Scenic River Protections In 1968 Congress saw… Read More

Prayer Wheel in Bhutan

Bhutan is a small mountain kingdom nestled in the Himalayan Mountains between India and China. Each November we organize a few small groups tours to explore its monasteries (lhakhang), fortresses (dzongs) and rivers (chhu). Are we in Bhutan for 12 days? Our trip itinerary is 12 days and we are in Bhutan for 9 days. The itinerary includes two days of travel at beginning and one day at the end. You will be responsible for booking your flight to and from Bangkok, but we will arrange… Read More

Blossom Bar Rapid on the Rogue River

The Rogue River is a classic multi-day river trip enjoyed by thousands of people every year. Protected as one of the original eight Wild and Scenic Rivers in 1968 this gem offers great rapids, spectacular camps, awesome side hikes, and so much human history. One of the most famous places on the Rogue River is Blossom Bar Rapid, commonly referred to as “the most expensive rapid in the West.” You can find countless stories and YouTube videos of success and mishap with a quick search of… Read More

Rafting and Kayaking the Wallowa River

Tucked into the Northeast corner or Oregon, tumbling out of the Blue Mountains, is the Grande Ronde River. A gem for rafters and kayakers looking for multi-day trip with excellent camps, awesome wildlife, and spectacular big canyon views. This is a unique trip because it actually starts on the Wallowa River, enters the Grande Ronde 9 miles into the trip, and finishes at the confluence with the Wenaha River at Troy. All three are designated as National Wild and Scenic Rivers. With snowpack around parts of… Read More

Temple Guardians at Wat Arun

Welcome to Bangkok! This bustling city is full of adventures and activities. It can be intimidating and chaotic but give it a little time and you may feel right at home. On your way to and from our Rivers and Dzongs of Bhutan trips you will travel through Bangkok where you can adjust to the time zone, explore the city, and slowly begin to enjoy your vacation. Bangkok is a great hub if you are planing to continue your vacation somewhere else or you just want… Read More

Oywhee River

The Owyhee River is a 48 mile, 5 day rafting adventure filled with side hikes, unbelievable high desert landscapes, fun whitewater, and some of the best birding in the country. This small pocket of Oregon is the only part of the state that runs on Mountain Time, so set your clocks accordingly. Where is the Owyhee? The section of the Oywhee River most commonly rafted is in the southeast corner of Oregon. From its headwaters in northern Nevada, it meanders through southwestern Idaho and into Oregon.… Read More

Kayaking by a small village on the Upper Thimphu Chhu

Kuzu zambo la from the Punakha Valley in Bhutan. After 9 days of sightseeing, rafting, adventurous hikes, and drives, and of course some shopping, Zach and I said our good byes to our wonderful group of guests at the Paro Airport. The next afternoon we were back at the airport to welcome our friends from Wilderness River Outfitters for a week of exploring new stretches of river, cultural sites, and thinking about new trip itineraries for future trips. Paro Chhu The adventure started right away with… Read More