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Category: Owyhee River

Fresh River Trip Blizzard

Big red canyon walls and miles of rolling river through remote south eastern Oregon puts the Owyhee on many river enthusiasts list. As you start planning your trip you quickly begin to learn the brutal nature of spring in the Owyhee Canyonlands. A truly fickle snowpack and river flow can go from perfect to nothing in a day or two, but back to great with a perfectly planned storm. Many keep their eye on the snow all winter only to be disappointed when it melts at… Read More

Oywhee River

The Owyhee River is a 48 mile, 5 day rafting adventure filled with side hikes, unbelievable high desert landscapes, fun whitewater, and some of the best birding in the country. This small pocket of Oregon is the only part of the state that runs on Mountain Time, so set your clocks accordingly. Where is the Owyhee? The section of the Oywhee River most commonly rafted is in the southeast corner of Oregon. From its headwaters in northern Nevada, it meanders through southwestern Idaho and into Oregon.… Read More

Lambert Dome

Why is the Owyhee River geology cool? The geology of the Lower Owyhee River is unique for several reasons. First, the oldest rocks on the Owyhee are around 16 million years old (Ma). This may seem old; however, geologically speaking this is very young. To give some perspective, the youngest rocks in the Grand Canyon are 245 Ma and the oldest are about 1.8 billion years old; the Appalachian Mountains are around 250 Ma; and the Rocky Mountains started growing about 70 Ma. The oldest rocks… Read More

Cave Camp

As we say our goodbyes to winter, and cheer for snow in the mountains, it is time to greet spring with a river trip that hasn’t seen many people over the past few years. The past couple of years of low snowpack in much of the west, has left rivers like the Owyhee too low to raft. Well this year is different! The snowpack is looking good and many are headed to the Owyhee River for some spring rafting trips. The Owyhee Canyonlands are known for… Read More