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Category: River Conservation

Rough and Ready Creek flows remarkably clear.

A lot of hope and heartache lies in the weathered ridges that make up Rough and Ready Creek’s watershed. Through them, a blue ribbon sometimes fraught with white, carves its winding canyon. Above the water, the isolated ridge top plateaus are the remnants of an ancient flatlands, the Klamath Peneplain, that once existed here and fostered the build-up of the minerals that have been the source of so much speculation since their discovery in the mid nineteenth century. The laterite soils on the ridges and hillsides… Read More

Take-out for the West Fork of the Hood River

The merging of two rivers is always an auspicious place for rafters and kayakers, and one of my favorite confluences is that of the East and West Forks of the Hood River. Not only is this a beautiful place to go for a swim on a hot day, but it also serves as the put-in and take-out for several great whitewater runs. Western Rivers Conservancy recently purchased 102 acres of land which encompasses this confluence and the amazing Punchbowl Falls, a stunning 15 foot waterfall that… Read More

One of our guides Trecia (a.k.a. “Trixie” or “Treesh”) wrote this song about Northwest Rafting Company on our last Rogue River trip. Enjoy! Don’t know why it requires degradation for the public to give the river a little appreciation. You don’t have to know about conservation because we’re here to change your life and take you on vacation Yeah a gear boat is much more than critical mass but we are industry leaders and totally bad ass Our really good looks may be deceivin’ but you… Read More

BOOM, went the dynamite at 12:10 PM on the White Salmon River. The water hurtled forth in a frothy, gray gusher as the crowds cheered this historic explosion. It was an amazing site to see this sad, dry riverbed come alive almost instantly with churning whitewater. Northwestern Lake (the dam’s reservoir) already looks like a river again, 30 minutes later. Over 10 years of effort by American Rivers and the Yakama Indian Nation have culminated in the blast that will drain the reservoir. Boaters and river… Read More