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Category: Safety

River Rafting in Bhutan

Managing Risk on the River: A rafters guide to “safety” “Safety first,” is an expression I hear often on the river. However, I would argue that safety is an illusion. There is an inherent level of risk we all accept every time we go rafting. The best thing we can do is work to manage that risk and bring it down to a level we find acceptable. We can measure risk by weighing the consequences of a hazard with the probability or likelihood that it will… Read More

First Aid Kits

I always restock my first aid kit on the first day of each season. Since Spring is just two weeks away I recently pulled out my personal first aid list. On our multi-day expeditions and international trips we carry large first aid kits full all kinds of goodies. Something that big isn’t realistic for every day use, so here’s the first aid kit I leave in my truck and bring on day trips where we’re not too far from a road. Great organization starts with a… Read More