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Personal First Aid Kits

I always restock my first aid kit on the first day of each season. Since Spring is just two weeks away I recently pulled out my personal first aid list. On our multi-day expeditions and international trips we carry large first aid kits full all kinds of goodies. Something that big isn’t realistic for every day use, so here’s the first aid kit I leave in my truck and bring on day trips where we’re not too far from a road.

First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits

Great organization starts with a functional case. I’ve found one that I like, but Pelican boxes full of zip lock bags work great too!

Item Why?
Small First Aid Book Knowledge is power!
Band Aids (10) Small wounds
Neosporin Small wounds
Steri Strips (5) Closing deep wounds
4×4 Sterile Gauze Pads (2) To help cover wounds
Tegaderm (2-3) These are great and easy to use waterproof/breathable dressings – a must for paddling
First Aid Tape (1-2 rolls) Everything
Gloves (3 pair) Body Substance Isolation (BSI) – keep yourself stay safe!
CPR Mask Body Substance Isolation (BSI) – keep yourself stay safe!
Hand Sanitizer Sometimes is just plain nice to have clean hands but you should sanitize your hands before and after working around wounds.
Chap-stick Chapped lips are no fun
Small Sunscreen Emergency backup
Aloe Vera Sunburn
Ibuprofen (Advil) An important part of I-RICE (Ibuprofen – Rest – Ice – Compression – Elevation)
Aspirin Shown to help with heart attacks
Bendadryl Allergic Reactions
Anti-diarrheal Mandatory for international trips
Tweezers Wilderness Medical Institute (WMI) sells the absolute best tweezers
Trauma Shears For cutting through clothes or even kayaks!
Lighter Accidental overnighters or to sterilize the tip of a safety pin
Moleskin Blisters
Small Irrigation Syringe Cleaning deep wounds
Sam Splint Easy splint
Ace Bandage To help with splinting or a quick immobilization of a joint
Triangular Bandages (1-3) To create a sling
Safety Pins (3) Great for splinting, but also great for getting splinters out
Pencil Keeping notes
Soap Notes Keeping track of important Subjective – Objective – Assessment – Plan data
Type A & B Tear-Aid This doesn’t take much space and is great for quick, easy field repairs.

Every first aid kit is a little different, but this is the one I’ve found most useful. Please feel free to add any thoughts below as I’m always looking to make my list better.

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