Introducing Chrissy Johnston

by Nathaniel Wilson

The first thing you will notice about Chrissy is her smile, or more specifically, that she always has one. I should add too, that it's contagious. Whether you are around her on the water, sitting around camp at night, or just life in general, you'll have a hard time not smiling too. That's because of something else you will notice about Chrissy. She is good at fun, and makes sure everyone around her is having it too.

Chrissy Johnston

Chrissy Johnston | NWRC Guide

Born in Oak Harbor, Washington, Chrissy has gone on to spend equal time in Oregon and Idaho as well. She came to us after graduating from the University of Idaho and completing a two year stint with Americorp, where she worked with the Coeur d'Alene tribe. It was during her university years that she first experienced the thrill of a river trip, and now here on the Rogue River, Chrissy has taken to the water like an otter. In addition to becoming an integral part of our guide crew at Northwest Rafting Company, she has also become an accomplished kayaker, frequently traveling in search of new descents.

Chrissy Rappelling

Chrissy Rappelling | Photo by Nate Wilson

With those travels ranging from the desert Southwest to the watersheds of the Southern Appalachians, you never know where Chrissy's next adventure might take her. Most recently, she spent the winter exploring the wilds of Northern Idaho and taught ski/snowboard lessons at Schwetizer Mountain Resort. The good news for us in the water world, is that she plans on transferring those teaching skills to the river.

The undercurrent of Chrissy's life is not just a thirst for travel and new adventures, but a passion for spreading the joy of those things with the people around her. While she's having the best day ever, she's also busy making sure everyone else is too. That, taken with her assurances that it just keeps getting better, make her a welcome addition to any trip and we can't wait to have her back on the Rogue this summer.

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Nathaniel Wilson

Originally from South Carolina, Nate has gone on to guide trips on rivers from North Carolina to Alaska, and has for the past five summers, called Oregon's Rogue River home. In addition to summers spent on the river, Nate is a photographer and film maker, focused primarily on projects that advocate for the responsible management of public lands and waterways. Click on his profile picture to see more of his work.

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