Introducing Kaela Fox

by Nathaniel Wilson

One of the first things you will learn about Kaela is that she has spent most of her life traveling rivers. If you are ever lucky enough to be on the water with her, you will soon find that all that experience leads to more than just clean lines through the rapids. Kaela, with the benefit of a childhood spent on some of the West’s finest rivers, knows more about swimming holes and secret creeks than any guidebook could hope to cover.

Since first arriving on the Rogue five seasons ago, Kaela has impressed us with both her passion for sharing the river and her dedication to the behind the scenes logistics that allow that to happen. Packing for a river trip includes everything from the boats themselves, down to tiny details like Almond Butter for sandwiches at lunch, but with Kaela’s hard work you can be sure she’s got it.

Kaela leading one of her favorite river games

Kaela leading one of her favorite river games

Motivating groups is where Kaela really shines. Whether she’s on the water, or in camp, Kaela is often leading the charge to get the fun rolling. One summer she threw a going away party for each guide as they departed at the end of the season. On the river, she has games and activities for any situation. Last summer I saw a trip she led come off the water looking like they just had the time of their lives. That trip was through the middle of a wildfire that eventually closed the river and I do not think they even noticed.

Kaela and fellow guide Ryan on the Rogue River

Kaela and fellow guide Ryan on the Rogue River

Off the water, Kaela has recently moved from the banks of California’s American River, up to Portland, Oregon to pursue another passion, becoming an elementary teacher. We wish her the best of luck and hope that the academic calendar continues to leave her summers free for a long time.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this Fox says you should come see the Rogue River.

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Nathaniel Wilson

Originally from South Carolina, Nate has gone on to guide trips on rivers from North Carolina to Alaska, and has for the past five summers, called Oregon's Rogue River home. In addition to summers spent on the river, Nate is a photographer and film maker, focused primarily on projects that advocate for the responsible management of public lands and waterways. Click on his profile picture to see more of his work.

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