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Rogue River Reviews

Our Rogue River rafting season is over and we’d like to thank everyone who joined us and made this summer exceptional. Here are the guest comments from this season:

“The way that you dealt with experience levels was awesome, making everyone feel safe and also challenged if you believed they could do it. We had so much fun in camp hanging out with the guides and talking, looking at the stars and especially eating flaming deserts. We want to go again next year!”

“Heads and shoulders above other companies. Sets the standard. Period.”

“Greatest people ever. Fun and extremely professional. I have never met people who TRULY loved their jobs. Greatest experience possible. Highly professional but outrageously fun guides. Don’t even think about using another river guide company.”

“Very competent and a fun group.Safe and briefing us all the time. Cannot beat these guides! Good food, Good people, Good times, Northwest Rafting knows how to float and take care of the river!”

“They were professional as well as fun. Safety was always first.”

Rafts and rafters at Stair Creek on the Rogue River
Rafts and rafters at Stair Creek on the Rogue River

“Zach only fails to get a perfect rating from me due to his curious fascination with fruit snacks. He is an epic personality, a phenomenal leader and an inspiring master of outdoor skills. I consider myself lucky to have met him. Emily exudes competence and confidence and is a delight to be around. When she learns her left from her right she is going to be just unstoppable (maybe port/starboard?? — just kidding, Em). Michael is a quiet workhorse with an understated sense of humor. The three of them created some of the best meals I have ever had on a wild river trip and in fact just about anywhere. I really can’t due justice in words as to just how great this trip was. I would recommend Northwest Rafting Company to anyone and everyone. The competent, personable, knowledgeable and caring guides were beyond great.”

“The guides on this trip made me seriously want to be a river guide”

“The whole group was a pleasure and joy to have leading us on this adventure. We felt that we were safe and as comfortable as possible in a rugged and potentially dangerous environment. It was a trip of a lifetime for myself and my two teenage sons. I will be recommending it and specifically NW Rafting to everyone I talk to about it. Thank you Zach for having such a wonderful staff that I’m sure is reflective of your leadership, as they all spoke so highly of working for you. I look forward to doing more trips in the future and hope to run with some of the same crew. Especially if Ryan is planning and preparing the food! Yum!!”

“I was in Emily’s boat every day and she was great! I learned a lot about reading and understanding the water which made me more comfortable. She’s also a lot of fun!”

“They were outstanding. A blast in camp. Awesome chefs. Great on the river.”

“Can’t imagine guides being any better. Positive, fun energy at all times. Made safety easy and not burdensome or stifling. They made sure we were ready to go.”

“The food was amazing every meal. I am amazed they can carry that much stuff in, and have camp set up and going in minutes. I cant think of one bad thing to say about any of the guides.”

“This was my first trip and everyone made me feel so special. Super friendly staff. Everyone was always helpful. JR gave me several rafting tips, Mike and the cooking crew provided great meals and provided a special warm water for me to shave my legs which was sweet-a little comfort of home went a long way. Kayla was sweet when I joined her pod during the fast rapid-white horse. Nick was so nice. Cole found awesome campsites. Everything was great.”

“Wonderful team. Best trip yet!”

“Everyone I dealt with at North West was super professional and helpful. The trip was fantastic, our whole family had a blast. My husband and I knocked off the rust on our whitewater kayak skills with the help of JR and the kids had more fun than they thought possible. We were truly spoiled in camp, great food and service with a smile:)”

“JR was great for Kayak Instruction and with Kaela set the standard very high for the others :-). What a great team of people fearless with the Oldies and the Kids. not a moment of boardom the whole trip. I was; Entertained, Fun, Fed, Challenged, Safe, looked after, Happy, Wet, what else is there?”

“First time I came Back from a family camping trip and wasn’t exhausted! Asa mum I have never relaxed so much in 21 years.” – Carol Blake

“Wonderful! We felt welcome the entire trip! VERY happy with Nate, Michael, Emily and Allie!!”

“Highly knowledgeable and influenced a great time. Took time for all and made outstanding food! This is where every guide service should strive to reach. Had great gear, communicated well, took time and catered to everyones needs individually as well as the group and spoiled us when it came to meals! 10 stars!”

“Really such a great group of guides! They were all so friendly we felt right at home with each of them. Nate is such a kind soul! We always felt confident that he was in control and that we were safe. I cant wait to take another trip with you guys!”

“There isn’t one thing they could have done better. The guides were incredibly impressive. They had a huge responsibility and they handled it with perfection. They were wonderful with the children. The company should be very proud to have Treesh, jr, Chrissy, Ali, and cole on their team. We are grateful to have them as our guides. Our guides, Treesh, Chrissy, Ali, JR, and Cole, made our trip outstanding. The Rogue River was a great river for our children. Everything about our trip was awesome. Thanks to our guides for keeping us safe and taking care of us. Our guides made the trip especially awesome.”

“Amazing balance of professionalism and skill to keep everyone safe, while masterfully handling different client personalities from kids to adults. Really exceptional individuals that far exceeded my expectations. I was very hesitant to pay for a guided service, tending more toward self-directed and free adventures. But it is totally worth having the guides, both in terms of access to more technical stuff than I would do on my own with kids, and in terms of the overall social dynamic of the trip which immensely added to the wild and natural experience for me.
The best part of the trip for my 11yr old son, out of all the awesome experiences, was meeting Cole and JR. Of course, the scenery and wildlife are absolutely amazing, even in comparison to what I’m used to seeing on backpacking and climbing trips. …in terms of the great interactions with cool people, and in getting to just enjoy being in an awesome place and having fun with others without having to spend all my time dealing with the considerable logistics. If you’re wondering whether to do the trip or not, just do it!”

“Treesh was an AMAZING team leader. She had the toughest job of keeping us in line and she performed the task deftly. Krissy was a blast to float with and always ready to have a laugh and some fun with you! Billy was fantastic at the camps each night playing music and making up games! Nate was hilarious! He is one of the funniest people on the trip even though he was quite. Cole was another of the funniest people on the trip. Really energetic and always ready to have a great time in whatever we were doing!”

“What an amazingly positive trio we were blessed with as our guides on this absolutely amazing trip! I have loved the wilderness all my life and I love being out with my family and meeting other like-minded people, but the level of care that was given to us by our guides was beyond description to put this trip over the top! They are positive, professional, knowledgeable and FUN! Their incredible work ethic and their ability to be supportive and respectful to each other was a true joy to behold! THANK YOU, NWRC! Thank you, TL Chrissy, JR and Jenner! Great equipment! Fabulous food! Perfect weather! The “secure parking” was a nice bonus. Thanks!”

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