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Testimonials From 2012 Rogue River Trips

“I have been on other rafting trips – these guides were much better than past trips. They enhanced the trip and were very friendly not just employees. What an asset”

“I picked spending time with family as my favorite part of the trip, but the REASON it was so much fun was because of the guides. What can I say? Mere words are not adequate to describe how completely fantastic they were, and they made the trip. They were highly professional and safety conscious, and Jenny could lead anything and make it a success! They worked so hard – cooking, rowing, setting up camp and tents, taking us to wonderful spots, making sure we were safe, making sure we were happy, and making sure we grew as people. (I didn’t expect that!) This was a very important and rare time for our family, and I cannot thank all of you enough for working so hard to ensure that it was filled with excitement, awe, comfort and humor. Jenny, Ryan, Michael and Riley – it was a privilege to spend time with all of you and you are wonderful people.”

Guides and Guests on our July 12th Rogue Trip
Guides and Guests on our July 12th Rogue Trip

“Guides were amazing. Incredibly on top of everything and adapted so quickly and effectively to the social dynamic of our group.”

“Went to celebrate my uncle’s 60th birthday. Trip of a lifetime – the guides were phenomenal.”

“We celebrated my husband’s 60th birthday as an extended family, and it was probably the best trip of our lives! The guides were unbelievable, the weather was perfect, the tents were cozy and comfortable, the food was delicious and the river was beautiful and exciting. And thanks to all the people in the office who worked so hard to meet our many requests and complicated travel arrangements. Thank you all!”

“My family has been on rafting trips with other reputable companies so we knew that our river guides would be personable, knowledgeable, helpful and skilled in the art of dutch oven cooking. But we learned, through our kayak school experience, that Sundance kayak guides are much more. Our guides kept my family smiling, singing (through rapids, no less), and believing in ourselves when we were attempting to do something completely foreign, and sometimes, a little scary (OK, a lot scary). There were twelve students in our group that were very diverse in experience. The guides performed this terrific little dance – coming closer and providing one-on-one support for as long as it was needed, and backing off when we were feeling confident and ready for the next challenge. I have no doubt that each person in our group got everything from the guides that they needed to learn, perform and move on to the next level. It was amazing. ALL the guides, raft and kayak, were incredibly supportive. They were a fabulous group of young people and my husband and I would take in any of them – except they would never need that – they’re competent, confident river guides!”

Our Kayak School on the Rogue River
Our Kayak School on the Rogue River

“Thank you for the opportunity to reconnect with a side of myself that only emerges when camping. I felt so much more relaxed and present – focused on the moment – than I do on a day-to-day basis. I said this in our recap on our last night, but, as hokey as it sounds, I feel that camping and rafting fundamentally changed me for those few short days! An amazing trip with amazing guides in gorgeous, rugged Oregon. Thank you.”

“The scenery on the Rogue was breathtaking, the food was delicious and learning to kayak in that environment was an amazing experience. I met wonderful people and loved every minute.”

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