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Why Northwest…

For starters, the name says it best. Northwest Rafting Company knows the Northwest and we have years of experience to prove it. That being said, it’s safe to say our owners have a passion for rafting the area’s rivers and showing you the time of your life. Read through our Letter from the Owners to read about our beginnings and relentless commitment to excellence. Each trip, interaction and memory is a unique experience with Northwest Rafting Company. Let us show you how…

Better yet, let our past guests tell you about their 2010 summer experiences.

“Our group has done several outdoor wilderness guided trips, this was our greatest experience. The guides were exceptional, the food was unbelievable! We give this our highest recommendation!” – Lee Runion; Seattle, WA

All About the Experience

A rafting trip is more than just spending time on the river. It’s a unique experience that allows you to explore the wonder and beauty of a river canyon. Whether, it be a multi-day trip on the Rogue River or a quick jaunt down the Hood River, there’s something magical about being on the water.

Days are filled with splashing through rapids, admiring the multitude of wildlife that calls the canyon home and enjoying rich conversation. Nights are the quintessential evening experience. Dinner and libations are enjoyed over the crackle of a campfire while music and laughter fill the air. Stars twinkle into existence while you cozy up in your sleeping bag and the river continues on its way to the Pacific. The next morning you’ll awaken to the true sounds of nature; wind in the trees, birds heralding the dawn and the sound of eggs sizzling on the griddle. River trips are laughter-inducing, knowledge-boosting and a great place to build wonderful memories.

Service with a Smile

We know that every individual has a special vision for their vacation. More often than not, the most important part of a trip is in the details. Being a small office allows us to pay personalized attention to each and every individual that calls. We make sure you have everything you need, that each and every question (no matter how small) is answered to the T and that when you return from your amazing vacation, you’ve made a memory of a lifetime. At Northwest, we answer every question with a smile and make sure you are confident in choosing us to guide you down the river. Contact us today!

Our Guides’ Contagious Enthusiasm

A river trip is about more than getting guests from point A to point B. It’s about making the journey in between one of the funnest, most memorable week of your lives. Our guides are hand selected for their technical knowledge and quick thinking, but more importantly we choose them for their infectious laughter and great personalities. They’re the kind of people who are interesting, entertaining and most importantly, a blast to be around. Their knowledge of the area’s history, geology and biology, combined with their talents in music, innovative games and superb storytelling make them a great guide in more ways than one. Whether you’re soaking up the sun on an oar boat or paddling hard through the center of a frothy rapid, you can count on them to show you a good time (and the way home).

Enticing and Delicious Meals

We know rivers. We know rafting. We know people. We also know food. A day on the river is notorious for building up an appetite and our menu satisfies the most particular of palates. Our traditional dutch oven cooking produces desserts and dinners such as our pineapple upside down cake or famous lasagne. Lunches are served in the midday sun and consist of yummy snacks and savory salads. Breakfasts are of course a favorite and never disappoint, whether you’re looking for a hearty scramble or lighter fare. We are more than willing to accommodate special requests and are confident that you will find our culinary talents a treat not to be missed. For more information on menus and offerings, click here.

Green: More than a Color

Northwest was started with the goal of running environmentally friendly whitewater river trips throughout the Northwest. We aim to run a green company that embraces technology to reduce waste and also takes advantage of local bounty. Organic food from Northwest farmers and high quality (and locally) made river equipment are just a few examples of our commitment to sustainability.

Choosing Northwest Rafting Company means you will be traveling with an experienced river outfitter committed to forging a strong relationship not only with our guests and vendors, but also with our planet.

Family-Friendly Trips

If there’s one thing we’re proud to boast of, it’s our focus on families. Rivers are the perfect setting to spend quality time with your kids whether they’re seven or seventeen. Days are spent traveling down the river without the distraction of cell phones or video games. Kids get the chance to soak in the sun and fresh air while talking with our kid-friendly guides and seeing all sorts of ‘cool’ wildlife and scenery. When we’re settled for the day, guides lead group activities such as hiking, games, or telling stories around a campfire.

But the kids aren’t the only ones enjoying themselves. Over the years, we at Northwest have noticed that the kid in all of us tends to peek out during a river trip. They can’t help it, there are so many things to amaze them whether they’re age 7 or 70. Put plainly, a river trip becomes a memory that you and your family will always cherish and share.

Staying Safe on the River

Every time you step on the river (or rather, the boat), you can rest assured we have your safety in mind. Our guides are more than competent as each and every person who works for Northwest has the necessary skills required to get you down the river safely. All of our guides are CPR/First Aid certified and most of them have their Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and Swift Water Rescue Certifications. It’s our job to read rivers and we take confidence in our ability to navigate the best of the West. In doing so, we bring you an experience of a lifetime while giving you the confidence of knowing we have your safety in mind.