How COVID-19 is Affecting Northwest Rafting Company

by Zachary Collier

This has been a rough time for the world. We are one small business among many that is struggling to keep our guides employed and continue to do what we love to do. Below are some quick updates followed by longer updates about how this is affecting our guides and staff.

Our Guides

Our business is at its core a collection of wonderful people who love rivers and sharing it with others. Like many people around the world they are beginning to feel the effects of a hurting economy and the lack of work. River guides are particularly hard hit due to the seasonal nature of the work.

Northwest Rafting Company River Guides

Northwest Rafting Company River Guides

Our guides and staff are currently working on the following projects to funds from trip cancellation fees and the Payment Protection Program (PPP):

River Guide Support

Finally, although we are expecting to run trips sometime soon we are considering how to keep guides employed and financially stable if we see a drastic reduction in trips. We have launched a Go Fund Me campaign for anyone that would like to help keep guides working on writing more articles and doing more presentations after the Payroll Protection Program funds run out.

Minimizing Risk on Our Trips

We're getting ready to run our trips this summer on both the Middle Fork and the Rogue. The great thing about river trips is that they are outdoors in small groups dispersed over a large area. To minimize risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19 we're finalizing an operating plan that focuses on:

New Trips

We are adding new trips this summer that are truly adventurous and embrace social distancing. Our guides love inflatable kayak trips as well as rowing schools and we are working to add more of those types of trips. Here are some details:

And we are all ears! If there is something you'd like to do or try this summer please let us know. We have the guides and equipment ready to organize all kinds of unique adventures!

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Zachary Collier

As owner of Northwest Rafting Company, Zach Collier combines international guiding experience in places like Siberia, Bhutan, and Chile with a natural business acumen for systems and logistics. Whether he’s on big water or in the back office, Zach strives to ensure NWRC offers exceptional whitewater and wilderness experiences for guests and guides alike.

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