Boat Types for River Trips

by Emily Singletary

We offer three different boat options: oar boats, paddle boats, and inflatable kayaks (aka "duckies"). On your trip registration you will be asked about what percentage of the trip you would like to be in each type of boat. This is just an estimation for us that allows us to make informed decisions about which boats to bring.

It's typical to switch boats each day as you make new friends and get more comfortable on the river.

The Oar Boat

These large rafts carry all of our gear, food, and supplies down the river. The guide is located in the center of the raft maneuvering the raft with two large oars.

Riding in the Oar Boat on the Rogue River

Riding in the Oar Boat on the Rogue River

There is room in the front for 2-4 people to sit. This is the best place to take in the views, relax, and hold on during the rapids. Riding in the oar boat is least active option and generally the most stable place to be.

Paddling the Oar Boat through Mule Creek Canyon

Paddling the Oar Boat through Mule Creek Canyon

The Paddle Raft

This raft is slightly smaller than the oar boat and carries 4-8 people and a guide. Everyone sits along the sides of the rafts and has their own paddle, necessary for paddling the boat. The guide steers the boat from the back of the boat giving paddling commands to the crew.

Paddling the Raft on the Rogue!

Paddling the Raft on the Rogue!

If you've ever been on a single day rafting trip, this was probably the type of boat you were in.

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks (aka "duckies") are the most active and adventurous option. You will be seated in the bottom of the kayak with a double-bladed paddle.

Paddling an Inflatable Kayak on the Rogue River

Paddling an Inflatable Kayak on the Rogue River

There will be instruction from a guide before each rapid on how to maneuver your way through. You are guaranteed to get splashed and possibly take an unexpected swim!

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Emily Singletary

Emily grew up in South Carolina but the Appalachian mountains called her north, where she learned to kayak and fell in love with backpacking and all things outdoors. Now she is enjoying living and playing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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